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Changing facts

Modell for Business Development workshops for Customers.

Patrik Ugander

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Changing facts

Changing facts
We are in the middle of a new paridigm shift bigger then the industrial revolution.
Transparency will be the lead word for this change.

Target in sight.
What do i need to do right know to make it happen.
Förändrade förutsättningar och nya möjligheter.
To see things in a new perspective and to change the way we do things, we must understand and let go of our limitations of preconceptions.
Vi tror vi vet.
Beskriv ordet :
Preconception bounderies
Connect the dost with 4 lines only..
Practical innovation.
The Airliner........
Stretch you mind beond your preconceptions but with out loosing reality
Challenging but not innovative
Hur når vi ut med materialet
How we change in the way we interact with customers?
Any one can creat content
Hur använder vi materialet.
Customers creat our content.
Live Stream
Technology is 5% of change
The rest is humans

Bild mixer
Ljud mixer
fast eller rörligt
Content Workflow
Social Media and communications
During the summer of 2009 spam increased with + 120%
203 billion spam was swn during one day.
The average greenhouse gas emission associated with one spam message is 0.3 grams of CO2, about the same as driving three feet in equivalent emissions. When multiplied by the 62 trillion spam e-mails sent globally, that is like driving around the Earth 1.6 million times. ( 4383 times - Per day)
.03 Grams CO2 per Spam mail ( No Pictures - be ware of video containde spam)
203 billion spam per day.
Viewing spam is 52% of all E-consumption
Fals Positives 27%
Spamfiltering 16%
131 kg of CO2 per user per year is ralated to email
22% is Spam.
in 2008 63 trillion spam mails were sent
in 2009 its 74 trillions + 20% wich is the same as 2.34 million cars in carbon emissions.
1.4 billion e-mail users inteh world creat 247 Billion Mails each day of witch 80% is spam.
80 percent of the energy consumption associated with spam messages come from people having to do spam maintenance, the report found. Spam filtering accounts for only 16 percent of the energy use and saves the electrical equivalent of taking 13 million cars off the road per year.If spam filters were used universally, the energy saved would be equivalent to taking 2.3 million cars off the road, the report said.When major spam-hosting provider McColo was taken offline last November, global spam volume dropped by 70 percent overnight. That was the equivalent of taking 2.2 million cars off the road. Unfortunately, spam levels are back up as the spammers found other places to host their spam command-and-control servers.
A business Idea
I believ that one million heads can com upp with an idea greater then what one head can do.
Most ideas i hidden in one persones or a smal group of peoeples heads and do never get a change to leave their minds.
Why maybe becasue the are not exposed to other peoples challanges and additiona knowledge and wxperience.

The paradox on the other hand is that experience and prior knowledge possibly is or biggest constrain when it comes to innovative ideas and thinking. Ok lets not get to philosofical about this but be pragmatic.

I believe that if we can get people to open up and colaborate around one idea freely and openly, Acting Transparent, we would define the idea, turn it into a business and get it to the market faster and with higher penatration then most other things.
All profit would be dedicated to innovative ideas in a fund and shared annualy as long as it is possible.
Water projcts aroudn teh world that
can make a difference in every day life.

OK lets get started.
Take 1 - 3 carracters like

And turn him into the the Virtual person who is the innovativ guy to make the idea happen.
Kraven på tekniken kommer att ställas utifrån vilket innehåll vi vill producera.
Grundläggande funktioner finns idag och vi har även såväl server som streaming accesser innanför och utanför brandväggarna.
Allt material kanaliseras till ett ställe.
Vi startar ett arbete med att göra designen klar för rummet med Ljus och Ljud.

If facebook was a country it would be the 2nd largets in the world.
Facebook is a community just like any country. It has its own culture and it has boundaries and regulations it's the foundation for any culture. Its built over time based on ethnographic evolutions but it takes month or just a few years to evolve. Countries grow over hundreds or thousands of years.
What is the difference between facebook and a country?
On Facebook YOU got access to every one instantly.
Some people on twitter have more followers the some countries have inhabitants. They have a direct link to entire populations at any given time.
Does size matter........you bet.
Average emission for a car is 160 G per km.
Target is 130 for 2012

Avarege miles per year per car is 12000 (1930 km)
Consider this:
In a country were every one is connected to one singel person its called dictatorship.
On facebook it's called transparency beacuse every one is conencted to every one.
Wikipedia has more the 13 Milion articles with better accuracy then British encyclopedia
Compered to a national encyclopedia it is.....
History documented in real time with a world to act as oponents to what ever is documented.
Its not a book written by someone 20 years ago about something that happend 500 years ago...you want find as many oponents to that one.
The number of worldwide email users is projected to increase from over 1.4 billion in 2009 to almost 1.9 billion by 2013. In 2009, 74% of all email accounts will belong to consumers, and 24% to corporate users.Worldwide email traffic will total 247 billion messages per day in 2009. By 2013, this figure will almost double to 507 billion messages per day.In 2009, about 81% of all email traffic is spam. According to our projections, a typical 1,000-user organization can spend upwards of $1.8 million a year to manage spam.To order a copy of the study, or for additional information about our market research programs, please contact The Radicati Group at (650) 322-8059, or visit http://www.radicati.com.
Mentos + Diet Coke
20 Million Downloads
Mentos got free adds for millions

The US pouplation in jan 2009 was 305 million people.
116 (60% of the internet users)million consumers of content in 2008 will become 154 (70% of the intenet users) in 2013
27% of the US population in 2009 create content on the webb and 38% consume it
User created content
How long will it take for people to adopt to a new media.
It took several years for the phone TV and comupter.
Usewr generated content is a media and it has derived from the social networkng evolution. Face book grew 100 millin users in 9 month. And Apple got 1 billion downloads in less the one year.
I'd say taht the social media users adopt faster then any other new user groups - that woult to me indicate that the liklyhood of Usergenretaed conten as a serious competitor to other content is going to be enormous.
Are You Ready????????
Many people still don't understand what is going on...
I'm not shur that i do my slfe but i realy struggel tunderstand .
Is the internet revolution as we see it happening today the biggest revolution ever not since the industrial revolution wich "only changed the way we produced products in a more effiient way then before.
NO, it's bigger, i say that we haven't seen any thing like it sice the time when democrasy was found in the old greek sociaty back thousandes of years ago.
Well it changes the way we interact with people and the way oganisatione and communities wiil coomunicate to morrow,
If we built a country today would it be based on physical bounderies or of the contribution from the people building it.
If Face book was a couyntry it is not at all dependent on physical bounderies, it carries its souverenty based on the culture in side the comunity.
If you brake the unspoken or spoken rules of face book you will be shown to the door.

I use face book as some thing simular to internet as a phenomena of life changing every thing we know and are so comfortable about - everything being as it always was.
Life as we know it will change!
life a we know it will chane more the ever.
Or will iot??????
Apple appstore in september it reached
85000 apps in it's store
2 Billion downloads
The the butterfly effect or how small, some times insignificant, actions turn in to something you never expected.
EVE is a geme with 40 000 online users interacting with each ohers at the same time. total more the 300 000 useras are active more then the population of Iceland.
This is part of the social media prisma people meat and exchange knowlege , experience and friendship.
They have thier own currency
How can we better understand what makes people and organisations buy our products and services?
You have got to understand what really matters.
The solution don't have any inherrent value, untill you can connect it to the problem to solve and the results to be reached.
Bambuser live user produced content.
Watch your son or dugther play soccer or tennis in real time on your tv.
How will Networks Hollywood and others beat that.
They are in for a fight on two of our times most important issues and the are about existancy.
Belonging - to exist in a context has always been a human driver and today we see it more the ever the imortance of making a foot print.
Time - our most scarse resource and we need to balance it constantly, work and private life go together and we are demanded to handel them parallel.
Belongingness is the human need to be an accepted member of a group. Whether it is family, friends, co-workers, or a sports team, humans have an inherent desire to belong and be an important part of something greater than themselves.[1] The motive to belong is the need for "strong, stable relationships with other people."[2] This implies a relationship that is greater than simple acquaintance or familiarity. The need to belong is the need to give and receive affection from others.
We will look to find the commen dinominater that connects us together. Two people put together in the same situation that they can share will bond them together for a more or less long time. But regardless, if they share an experience or a situation they will get connected.
How do we belong:

Our accessories show how we belong in different communitys.
Choices of line of work.
Frinds we hang out with.
Social media fill much of what belonging is all about. It opens up for so many options and can we can affect it on our own.
Getting to relevant information
It’s impossible to know whether they are impartial brokers of information or just paid shills for the local businesses who can’t get by on word of mouth and are forced to advertise.
Search engines such as google get complicated when you get 249 Million hits for your search, most people will not go beond page 3 if even that.
So what does it mean, Googel helps you get their, but gives no garantis on what to expect from whats inside.
Bloggs, Vertical user group sites, Twitter communities all have a much higher trust factor simply because you will find people behind it who with transparancy towards them selves gave meaning to your search.
As your network expands on internet you will find new ways to find what your looking for. You don't depend on the detour of going through 249 Millin hits on Google.
Resently i've found my self changing the way i use google as a search engine.
It used to be that i was looking for information on a specific topic searching thru the page afetr page on Google to figur out post opr site would give me the answer. But werer rearly i got what i was looking for, to much crap in the way.

I more and more started to change the search to sites were i could find relevance on my question. Bloggs, Forums, digg and diigo different media networks.
I started to collect them as good places to find greate information.

Today i still use Google but differently - insted of tapping a long complex URL adress to a page a want to reach i tap a few key word in my Google search window and then often i spot what I'm looking for directly. So itrs like a quicker way to tap a web page in the address window and i don't have to remember the exact address.

But the big change is that i gave up on trusting the information on a Google search.
You Tube will have impact on business.
Online Video Markteing
WIll it blend got + 7 million views on this one
Its then sold on Ebay.
+ 175 000 views.
The Butterfly is also a way to explains how humanbeings carry their own responsability to make choices.
And those choices will effect others - in ways we could not even imaging.
A post on a blogg can be tomorrows headlines in a news paper on the other side of the world. You are a tiny part of the internet but you are connected everypart of it in an instant.
MadV One World @ 30 of sept
430 re videos
Google 151000
Telia Template
Body in Arial : Colour=
Strong in Arial : Colour=
Head in Arial : Colour=
Colour =
Colour =
Colour =
Colour =
Colour =
Colour =
Vem fattar besluten –
73% av konsumenterna lyssnar på vänner och familj vid inköp.
14% på reklamen.
Kvinnorna äger hushålls kassan och den största delen av köp besluten – de är äevn personerna som har störst inneverkan på nätet och driver Social media mest.
Vi vänder på informationsflödet:
Jag söker inte längre upp det jag behöver det kommer till mig.
Retail facts:
1 Store contains:
55000 Products
80% av köpbeslut fattas i butiken
40 - 50 procuts is what you can remember.....
10% har en inköps lista
The Human Challange
Customer life Cycle – Customer Experience
Customers who like you and are recognized through out the customer experience will give you the highest reward -
that of being recommended to others.
The customer experience is the product - it begins long before you meet them......

"Miss the tunnel at the end of the light" - Every great failure was once a success. companies don't die, people kill them with complacency, complexity, arrogance and faulty vision for future problems....keep looking for the traps to keep yourself successful.

We didn't see it comming..
Slice Intelligence estimated 957,000 people in the US pre-ordered the Apple Watch when the online sales portal opened up on 10 April. Its report even stated the average devices per order was more than one, indicating that some Apple fans were happy to splash their cash on multiple models.

The Corporate Challange
The why, what and how for our customers and business.
Vacation is an investment in memories
Memories for life…..
Customer focus get to know your customer.....
How can i make a difference
Things will never be as slow as they are right now!
a Company lives for 50 Years
it's 15 years
Win the Product War
The Corporate Challange
Win the Customer War
The more relevant and personalized your message is to the prospect, the more likely he or she will respond to you, if the timing is right.
The unknown buyer wants and has 24/7 access to information by the Internet.
However your sales team is not awake and present 24/7.
They searches the Internet for information, references and experiences.
This is both for consumers for their personal purchasing decisions, as for a B2B buyer looking for competitive advantage.
They all crave knowledge.
This is a very important aspect of the "Unknown Buyer": during the purchasing process, he or she will have gathered information in a very short time.

Get every one involved
Resource & information management
Empower your Employees
Respond to the individual
Be available – in all channels
Customer experience is the sum of all interactions
Likes are Nice
Trust is everything
Know them
Where are they?
Listen to them
Facebook passes 1.39B monthly active users, 890M daily active users, and half a billion mobile-only users

Date Article count Increase during
preceding year % Increase during
preceding year Average increase per
day during preceding year
2002-01-01 19,700 19,700 — 54
2003-01-01 96,500 76,800 390% 210
2004-01-01 188,800 92,300 96% 253
2005-01-01 438,500 249,700 132% 682
2006-01-01 895,000 456,500 104% 1251
2007-01-01 1,560,000 665,000 74% 1822
2008-01-01 2,153,000 593,000 38% 1625
2009-01-01 2,679,000 526,000 24% 1437
2010-01-01 3,144,000 465,000 17% 1274
2011-01-01 3,518,000 374,000 12% 1025
2012-01-01 3,835,000 317,000 9% 868
2013-01-01 4,133,000 298,000 8% 814
2014-01-01 4,413,000 280,000 7% 767
2015-01-01 4,682,000 269,000 6% 736
2015-07-02 4,906,468 224,468[a] — 1233[a]
[a] - Calculated live, so far, as only for partial year.

a Kodak moment ...Some time ago
Preconditions and innovation
Who is taking the decision and were?

78% of all consumers listen more to friends and families recommendations.
14% believe in advertisements.
Women have greater influence over how household money is spent - they also drive social media the most.
Maersk Solutions
Personalization is relevance
Data is everything
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