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Endangered Animals in Colombia

No description

Angelica Castellanos

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Endangered Animals in Colombia

Some more questions about our topic
Are people the main reason why animals are becoming extinct?
How does cutting trees affect endangered animals?
Is contamination a reason why mammals are becoming extinct?
Can we help to prevent the extinction of these animals?

Painted Parakeet

Painted Parakeet
Andean Condor
Spectacled Bear
Alejandro Vega,Leonardo Támara, Santiago Gartner
June 9th, 2015
Our opinion
Animal extinction makes us sad.
Cutting trees is a great problem for these animals.
Animal poisoning is a terrible thing.
Wild animals must not be 'domesticated'.
Wild animals have the right to have their habitat.
They deserve respect.

Thank you for your attention!
Spectacled Bear
Endangered Animals in Colombia
Among forests
They eat fruit trees
Not enough space to live
Humans are using forests to live
Laying eggs not a frequent event
Only one egg every two years
Global warming and changes in habitat
We, human beings, are the only ones who can and have to do something about the environment, changing our life styles and being more conscious about our true responsibility towards the planet.
Spider Monkey
Painted Parakeet
Colombian Tarantula
Beetle Titanius
Andean Condor
Spectacled Bear
* Illegal distribution has decreased
* Habitat destruction
These are the main reasons why they are endangered.
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