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Introduction to Window Farming

No description

James Boutilier

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to Window Farming

Introduction to
Window Farming

What is Window Farming?
Window Farming is the utilization of indoor windows to cultivate garden crops and herbs.
Use natural window light
The climate control from your living space
Organic or inorganic nutrients from either your potting mix or from a liquid nutrient solution.
Amount of light varies based on season and exposure.
How do window farms work?
Why Window Farm
Earth soil and gardens are often at a premium
Easy to do from the comfort of your own home.
Allows you to garden year round.
Attracts fewer pests
Requires virtually no weeding
Often uses less water
Lastly frankly window farms just look really cool.
Different Types of Window Farms
Traditional or Sub irrigated containers
Hanging baskets / vertical window pods
Hydroponic window farms
- Depends heavily on the season and your windows unique light conditions.
- Herbs generally do well.
- Large erect crops tend to be more of a challenge

What Grows Well
Hydroponic Window Farming
Building your own window farm
Overview major steps
Thank you for attending!
Any final questions or comments?
Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment
Ground Rules:
Allow space for different ideas
Be a good listener; let people take turns
Give attention to the speaker
Stay open-minded
Have fun!
What is a window farm
Why window farm
How window farms work
Different types of window farms
What grows well / what doesn't
Setting up your own window farm
Vertical Hydroponic Window Farm
Air Pump System
The term hydroponics originates from the ancient Greek "hydros," meaning water, and "ponos," meaning work.
It involves using nutrient enriched water solutions to do the work normally done by soil mediums
Can be deep water or drip
What is Hydroponics?
Hydroton and Net Cups
The Stop Greenhouse
Exterior Window Box
Interior Window Sill Garden
Cold Frame
Hanging Planter
Hydroponic Window Column
Traditional or Self Watering Containers
Hanging Basket Planter
1. Gather your materials
Aquatic Supplies
- Air Pump
- Check Value
- Vinyl Tubing
Recycled Supplies:
- 1.5L Water Bottles
Hardware Supplies
- White Spray Paint
- Metal Inflation Needle
- Bead Chain / Yarn / or Bamboo sticks
- Bean Chain Coupling or Wood Screws
Hydroponic Supplies:
- 3 Inch Diameter Net Cups
- Hydroton clay pellets or Grow Stones
- Liquid Nutrient Solution
- Plant Tape

2. Paint your bottles
3. Prepare your bottles
4. Build a suspension system
Alternative Suspension
Option: Bamboo
More affordable
Easier to work with
6. Create your pluming system
7. Add Lights (Optional)
5. Combine bottles with suspension
8. Put it all together plus put in your nutrients
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