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Copy of Copy of Prezume

Prezi + Resume

Jane Meredith

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Prezume

Master of Science in Education May 2006
Endorsements: K-12 Instructional Leadership
Principal Level II SOE
Indiana University Southeast

Bachelor of Science in Education May 1994
Endorsements: 5-8 Science & English
Spalding University

Certificates Held:
Principal Level II SOE
Rank II
Seeking a challenging position as an assistant principal where I can continue to use my knowledge, leadership skills, and experience to help develop student-focused environments to maximize learning experiences.
Develop an environment that encourages open communication with colleagues, students, and the community.
Mentor educators in the creation and implementation of differentiated instruction, lesson planning and student assessment in conjunction with Kentucky Core Academic Standards.
Professional Experience
contact me
p: (502) 819-2177 (502) 485-8207
e: jane.meredith@jefferson.kyschools.us
check out my diverse
What people are saying....
"I believe that Mrs. Modugno has done such an outstanding job, in a most challenging program. The position requires self-motivation, creativity, and intensive knowledge of pedagogy. Mrs. Modugno has quietly created a model gifted and talented program at Woodland School."
Dr. Laura Weitzman: Director of Special Services
"The introduction of the pre-engineering program has been a challenge for all the elementary teachers involved in this process and it has been well done! Mrs. Modugno should be congratulated and applauded on the excellent results from all the time and energy that has been invested."
Mrs. Mary Ellen Roberts Technology Specialist
"Mrs Modugno is adept at creating a learner-centered and learner-facilitated classroom. Students have many opportunities for choice, self-monitoring, and ownership of their learning. Mrs Modugno should video-tape the lessons to serve as resources to the entire district."
Dr. Tami R. Crader Superintendent
"Mrs. Modugno's biggest strength is her ability to get along with others. She has gained the respect of administrators and her peers. Even if there are individuals who do not agree with a decision, they feel that they have had the opportunity to express themselves and that the process used was fair."
Mrs. Sondra Markman: Curriculum Supervisor
"Mrs. Modugno has repeatedly demonstrated proven leadership skills in her position as the language arts coordinator. In the past seven years, she has been able to redesign the curriculum to be aligned with 21st Century expectations. She has also inspired and coached dozens of teachers to utilize best practices for reading and writing instruction in their classrooms."
Dr. Chris Huss: Principal
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