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"The Hero's Journey Beowulf vs. William Wallace"

the hero's journey

Raven Colon

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of "The Hero's Journey Beowulf vs. William Wallace"

The Hero's Journey:
Beowulf Vs."William Wallace"
By: Raven Colon

Part 1:
The Departure
Part 2:
The Initiation:

Part 3:
The Return

The Way out/ The Master of two Worlds:
• Legend in both Geatland and Denmark.

The Call to Adventure:
Grendal attacking King Hrothagar's mead hall in Denmark.
Refusal of the Call:
Beowulf :
Beowulf did not refuse Hrothagar's plead for help.
William Wallace:
Crossing the First Threshold:
The Belly of Wales:
King Hrothgar's Herot Mead Hall.
William Wallace:
The Death of William's father, Malcolm Wallace. ( He was killed off in war.)

William Wallace:
William Wallace did not refuse his "right" to fight for freedom in Scotland from King Longshanks.
William Wallace:
As a young orphan William's uncle, Arglye raises him to become strong both intellectually and physically to defeat the British.
William Wallace:
The English "invades" Scotland and enforces Longshanks proclamation, "Prima Nocte" (First Night). To breed out the Scots that live in Scotland by having sexual relations between both English Lords and newly married Scottish brides on their wedding night.
The "Real" William Wallace
The "Movie"
William Wallace
The Road of Trials.
Defeating Grendal.
Grendal's Mom
The Dragon Guarding Geatland's treasure.
William Wallace:
Murron ( Williams Wife) is killed by an English lord who slits her throat ,because she refused to have sex with an English Lord.

Starts a rebellion to defeat Longshanks and to win freedom for Scotland.

Ambushes many cities by burning and killing many English lords and officers.
The Meeting with the Goddess:
Grendal's Mother:
"At last he saw the mud of the bottom. And all at once the greedy she-wolf Who'd ruled those waters for half a hundred years, discovered him.
William Wallace:
Longshanks sends the "Princess of Wales" to buy Wallace off and distract him with bogus proposals to prevent him from invading the rest of England.
Temptation away from the truth path:
Grendal's mother "Carried Beowulf and his armor and sword to her home; he struggled to free his weapon and failed."
Realizes that Grendel's mother brought him into someone's battle hall.
William Wallace:
The "Princess of Wales" sends a "distressed" message to lure Wallace of danger.
Falls in love with the Princess and eventually have "sexual relations" with her.
Atonement With the Father:
Edegetho (Beowulf's father) started a war with the Wulflings, and is exiled to Denmark. Hrothgar pays off the Wulflings to make peace with the Geats. Beowulf returns Hrothgar's favor by defeating Grendal and his mother.
William Wallace:
Makes peace with his father in a dream " Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it."
Apotheosis - Becoming God like:
Can swim and fight underwater.
While fighting Grendal's mother "A brilliant light burned around him .. Like a fiery flame."
"God sent him victory, gave judgement for truth and right, Ruler of the Heavens."

William Wallace:
Inspires the "Common Scots" "They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom."
Kills Scottish nobles in their sleep with a ball and chain, because betrayal.
The Ultimate Boon:
Hrothgar rewards Beowulf with Gold for killing Grendal and his mother.
Legend in both Geatland and Denmark.
Wins beautiful treasure after defeating the Dragon in Geatland.
William Wallace:
Crowned the "High Protector of Scotland."
Wins freedom for Scotland.
Defeated many British armies.
Refusal of the Return:
Did not refuse to return to Geatland.
The Magic Flight:
He escaped the claws of death from Grendal , his mother.
Seriously injured by the treasure guarding dragon.
Rescue from Without:
Wiglaf non-voluntary helps Beowulf defeat "The Fire Breathing Dragon."
Beowulf eventually dies from mortal wounds.
Crossing the Return Threshold:
"After his uncle and cousin died , Beowulf becomes king of the Geats and rules in peace and prosperity for 50 years."
William Wallace:
Betrayed by his own country and the people he trusted.
William Wallace:
Has many visions of Murron. She is Wallace's inspiration for freedom.
William Wallace:
The Princess begs Longshanks to free Wallace from public executed for treason.
Longshanks was very sick at the time refused to end the execution.
Eventually Longshanks died.
William Wallace:
Returns home when he's older where he plans to have Murron for a wife ,a family and live in peace for the rest of his days.

William Wallace:
•Died for both freedom in England and Scotland.
• Princess becomes pregnant with William Wallace's baby (half French and half Scottish).
• Screams "Freedom" , before he was decapitated.
Works Cited:
Supernatural Aid:
Uses his strength and devoted faith in God to defeat both Grendal and his mother.

William Wallace:
All the Scottish men who wanted to win back their freedom from the English.
King Longshanks
Lived in Geatland.
"Prolaming that he'd go that famous king, Would sail across the sea to Hrothagar, (Denmark) now when help was needed."
Uncle Argyle and young William
Murron's Death
"Princess of Wales"
George the Bruce
William Wallace's Execution.
The Princess & Wallace
MORRIS, WILLIAM, trans. Beowulf. London: Kelmscott, MCMIV. Print.

Braveheart. Dir. Mel Gibson. Perf. Mel Gibson. Warner Brothers, 1994. Videocassette.
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