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Time Travel


donkey doo little

on 11 December 2009

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Transcript of Time Travel

Time travel is the concept of moving between different moments in time in a manner analogous to moving between points in space, either sending objects or information backwards in time or the opposite. Time Travel By: Tyler and Nick How Does One Travel Through Time?

There have been many theories over the last numerous years of how one would travel from one point in time to another.
Questions that should've been answered... What is time travel? Time travel is happening all around us. Every second over a dozen tiny nuclear particles pass through your body. These particles are called cosmic ray muons.

http://www.firstscience.com/home/articles/big-theories/is-time-travel-possible_1741.html Sometimes these particles do damage to your body. But your body is able to quickly repare the damage made. Astronauts, when in space can die from too much of this cosmic ray damage which in turn causes radiation sickness. Cosmic ray muons are debris from collisions high in the atmosphere. Stable nuclear particles from the sun and stars collide with the atmopshere 20km above the Earth. They travel at the speed of light so it takes them seven millionths of a second to reach a person on Earth. But they are only capable of living two millionths of a second and so they should never reach a human on Earth. But according to Einstein's special theory of relativity, the muons travel through time in order to reach us. Einstein's Special Relativity Theory Based on Two Postulates 1.) The laws of Physics are the same for all observers in uniform motion relative to another 2.) The speed of light in a vacuum is the same for all observers, regardless of their relative motion or of the motion of the source of the light. According to Einstein... Our lives pass more slowly if we travel closer to the speed of light. One would also be able to live longer if we go and live in an intense gravitational field We could slow down time for ourselves which would let us meet our grandchildren and great grandchildren but there is no way to get back Some scientists believe we live in a universe with many parallel worlds There are many ideas of how time travel would work Wait for time traveller from the future? A real life time machine has yet to be built. Time travel would not be through a machine but rather through natural phenomena When stars reach 4 times the mass of our sun, their life is over and they become a black hole Black holes could be a way to travel through time (Kerr Hole) by travelling to alternate universes Wormholes could also be a form of time travel and the most potential for time travel if it really exists http://www.howstuffworks.com/time-travel.htm What is one theory of how time travel is possible? What are cosmic ray muons?
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