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No description

Kassidy Porche

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Halloween

The History of Halloween
Halloween began in a festival called Samhain.
It meant the end of summer.
It was celebrated in Medieval Ireland.
Halloween was celebrated during the Festival of the Dead.
It was a holiday celebrated by the Celts.
They thought that on this day spirits were able to pass from one side to the other.
Costumes and masks were used because they would send away bad spirits.
Costumes were also used because they would mimic evil spirits.
Jack'O'Lanterns were to honor people who died during the year.
It was started by the Catholic Church to stop Samhain traditions.
Pope Boniface wanted to celebrate all saints instead of just some saints.
In the eighth century Pope Gregory III made November 1st the day to honor all saints and martyrs.
A.K.A. Feast of All Saints.
All Soul's Day
Countries That Celebrate It
Austria- offerings for dead souls like bread, water, and a lamp
Belgium- leave candles in memory of dead relatives
England- carve beetroots and march through streets asking for money
Germany- put away knives
China and Japan
It was called Teng-Chieh.
They make special food.
They put offerings in front of pictures of dead relatives.
Latin America, Mexico, and Spain
It is a three day celebration.
A.K.A Dia de Los Muertos.
It is a happy time to remember friends and family that have died.
United States and Canada
Carve Jack'O'Lanterns
Go Trick or Treating
Dress up
Decorate their houses
People would carve turnips, potatoes, and rutabagas.
They would put candles or coals inside.
some would put candles on windows to honor the dead.
They were mainly used to scare off evil spirits.
Traditions of All Soul's Day
People would give offerings of food, flowers, and candles.
They would honor people who have died including the ones in Purgatory
Visit graves of relatives and friends
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Halloween Traditions
By:Kassidy Porche
They are green because they used to be beaten and dragged in the streets until they confessed their magic.
They have brooms because people said they would make potions and ride the broom to rub it in.
They have black cats because they used to be able to change into cats.
Happy Halloween!!!
It developed from souling.
People used to go around and ask for "Soul Cakes" in exchange for prayers.
The more cakes you gave, the more prayers you got.
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