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The Asian Chocolate and Confectionery Festival

No description

Timothy Tham

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of The Asian Chocolate and Confectionery Festival

Gantt Chart of event in Timing format for ‘day of event’
(Appendix 11)

The Asian Chocolate and Confectionery Festival

Chocolates have been around for an extremely long time, so have cakes and cookies. We all love the delectable and sinful goodness of the cocoa treats, sweet, crunchy and fluffy confectioneries.

Have a taste of the Singapore style chocolates and confectioneries and enjoy the amazing Singapore Fondue. A large fondue sculpture sculpted after the majestic Singapore icon, the Merlion. Feast on chocolates, cakes, cookies, and snacks, in addition to that, you can even dine and enjoy amazing fine cuisines with chocolate infusion. The Asian Chocolate and Confectionery Festival would be one “
” festival.
Our objective is to be the first in Asia to host a festival that sells an assortment of Chocolate found all over Asia, enjoy eating chocolate and also to celebrate the goodness and love of Chocolate in Asia.
What do we want to achieve?

Raise awareness that chocolate can also be extremely beneficial to our health
Show the world Singapore's taste of Chocolate
Finally, this event gives the brands and whoever that is involved a chance to bring something new to the event the next year. It encourages individuals and firms to challenge themselves and continually come up with newer ideas and concepts in relation to chocolate to share with everyone.
Target Market
The target market would be people who enjoy chocolate and confectionery as a whole

Switzerland and the United Kingdom’s (UK)

Asian neighbors as secondary target markets as; firstly, this is an Asian festival where we feature Asian chocolates and confectioneries to people across the globe. Secondly, people from Switzerland and UK would be able to learn about what their Asian neighbors are coming up with in terms of products.
Event Concepts & Themes
Hallmark event, mainly to bring people from both local and international that love chocolate and confectionery together to meet, greet, enjoy, appreciate and have fun together.

Singapore’s cultural elements and it is done by incorporating those cultural elements into something a lot of people around the world enjoy –
chocolate and confectionery.
Concept A: Chocolate Heaven
Feast on the Chocolates and confectionery from the multifarious array of shops and booths set up from Chocolate brands locally and all over Asia. Enjoy some the famous and yet intricate chocolate flavors that would put a spin onto the word chocolate.
Concept B: The Chocolate Health Benefits Workshops

Chocolate Health Benefits Workshops would provide an enriching workshop that explains how chocolate can be beneficial to our health. A question and answer session would be held to help answer any queries from the crowd. This would be presented by the Singapore Health Promotion Board.

Concept C: Au Chocolat Presents…

Au Chocolate is renowned in Singapore for its amazing way of fusing chocolate into daily cuisines and fancy French cuisines.
This concept features the Chefs of Au Chocolat on stage
Meal at the Au Chocolat booth which would be located under the seats of the venue.
Concept D: The Singapore Fondue

A large fondue that might be comparable to the world’s largest chocolate fondue right in the center of the Marina bay floating platform.

(The Singapore Fondue Cookie Case)

Concept E: ESTHEVA Spa

ESTHEVA Spa is one of the best beauty outlet in Singapore.
20 massage tables
25-30 minute session

Concept F: Pimp Your Chocolate

Every individual would be entitled to a free chocolate bar that they can customize and pimp up by themselves.
Concept G: Chocolate Royal Rumble

This concept would be a chocolate wrestling competition in which individuals would be able to sign up for upon buying their tickets. There would be a male and female division. However it is only entitled to the first 500 signups, capped at 300 males and 200 females. The contestants have to be 18 years and above of age.

This concept would be done in 3 sets. Firstly, they would be split into 10 random groups and 50 participants would enter a Royal Rumble. They would have to prevent a piece of cloth that’s attached to their body from being taken off. The remaining 2 would be the victor for round 1. This means there would be 20 people advancing to round 2.

The second round would be the same but only 2 individuals will proceed.
The final round would be a standard 3 count wrestling, in which the person who is pinned down for 3 seconds wins.

This is a friendly and fun event and kids will be able to join in as well, security would be at hand to make sure the event has no foul play and that nobody is hurt. The price for the winner would be a 2 night stay at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

30th June 2014
10 AM - 8PM
The Float @ Marina Bay
Major Sponsor

The Singapore Sports Council
Owns the place

Singapore Tourist Board
Vision and aim is to bring more tourist

Letters will be sent to them to request for renting of venue (Appendix 1)
Sponsorship Package (Appendix 2)
- The Singapore Flyer
- Gardens by the bay
- Marina Bay Sands

Value In Kind Sponsorship

Organizations who want to support for a good cause however they do not necessarily have to contribute in the aspect of financial backing.

- Goodie Bags
- Certis Security
- Temasek Polytechnic Hospitality and Tourism Management
- Singapore Red Cross Society

Emergencies (Appendix 3.1)


Singapore Sports Council
Pre & post event setup
Approximately 200 members
Over a course of a month and last 3 days of event

Temasek Polytechnic (TP)
Hospitality and Tourism Management Students
Experienced and interested
Part of the manpower of the event (Value In Kind sponsorship)
Approximately 50 students


Admission ticket includes :
Goodie bag
Singapore fondue
Ticket to redeem Chocolate bar
Admission to all event


Singapore Red Cross Society
Non-profit organization
Well trained and efficient
50 Red Cross members to stand by in case of an emergency

Certis Cisco Security
Familiar with the event’s location.
Provide an effective management
50 staff needed

Event Logistics

Within 6 days
Chocolate – related Cuisine
Types of tickets
- Normal


250 volunteers available (excluding security and Red Cross)

15 - ushering services

35 - Pimp My Chocolate event

50 TP students - VIP lounge and the massage area

150 - food and drink booths, Chocolate Royal Rumble, The Singapore Fondue, Au Chocolat and operations of the stage area


- The Float @ Marina Bay
20 Raffles Ave

- Accommodate
9000 people on the platform
30,000 at the spectator seating area

- Indoor and Outdoor location
Packaging and distribution:

Goodie bag:

Event guide
Wet tissue
Health Promotion Board newsletter
Ticket to the Fondue
Discount voucher

Purchasing of tickets:

- Purchase the ticket online at our webpage
Gantt Chart of event in Months format of ‘whole event’

Gantt Chart of event in Days format for ‘pre-event’ (Appendix 11)

Gantt Chart of event in Timing format for ‘post event’
(Appendix 11)
Gantt Chart of event in Timing format for ‘post event’ (Appendix 11)
Factors to consider when choosing the venue

- Keep other events in mind
- Contingency plan

Staging and operations


Venue: Floating platform (20 Raffles Ave)
Multiple bus services
User friendly MRT services
Car parks: Esplanade Mall & Marina Square

Amenities nearby

Super marts
AXS stations
Hotels – some are within walking distance to the venue
Petrol stations

Promotion: Marketing max

Social media:
Facebook : 1 billion
Twitter : 600 Million
Instagram : 100 Million
YouTube videos

Web Pages
easily accessible to the world
Give a more in depth information

Tourist guides
Lonely Planet

Newspaper title banner for locals
To attract the attention for the locals, we intend to place a title banner on the local paper such as the News Straits Times.

Local television commercial
Another way of promotion for the locals would be a 30 second television commercial.
Risk Management

- Slip and Fall
Pushing, Shoving

Risk Control

Non – Slip Mats
Usher and Certis Cisco



Floor Plan (Appendix 3)
Event Shutdown

Volunteers and Staff are well informed
Close- down briefing and distributing of Summary sheet (Appendix 14)
- small equipment
- items that can be re - used
- Thank you letter or cards to people who help out.

First Chocolate festival in Asia
People both international and local will be exposed to more chocolate
Increase in Chocolate lovers
Sponsors will be widely publicized through this event

Programme Plan (Appendix 6)
Organisational Chart
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