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Why is government important to a society?

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Holly Yandow

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Why is government important to a society?

Why is government important to a society?
Types of Governments
A limited government and an unlimited government.
So why is government important to a society?
Government keeps everyone save. A social contract signed between the government and the people ensures that the government will protect the people as long as the people let the government do what is best for them, such as making laws. Without a government, there would be even more crime in the world than there is now, so many people would be killed or injured and nobody would get along. With a government, we have to abide by their rules and in return they protect our natural rights.
Life Without a Government
A condition in which there is no government is called a state of nature, there are no laws yet made, no agreement among people, there would be no social contract and no government, however, the laws of nature or natural rights (life, liberty, and property) would always be in play.
John Locke
Limited Government
A government that has restrictions dictating what it can and can't do to the people it governs.

A government where the people are guaranteed certain rights that protect them from the potential buses of government.
Unlimited Government
A government that has no restrictions dictating what it can and can't do to the people it governs.

A government where the people are not given rights that protect them fro potential abuses of government.
John Locke was a political philosopher who wanted to find out what the purpose of government was. He imagined what life would be like in a perfect world if we did not have government, everyone would get along and there would be no crime committed, however, because of human nature (traits of personality and character that people possess), someone is bound to gain power and then abuse it. We need guidelines to follow, we become selfish and that leads to conflict.

What we need to ensure our protection...
We need a social contract, a social contract is an agreement where the people create and live under a government and give it the power to make and enforce laws, the social contract is the consent, we are agreeing to that consent by living by the social contract and in turn we are trusting that the government's work will be legitimate.
The Purpose of Government

John Locke used the idea of a ‘state of nature’ to try to establish and figure out what the purpose of government should be because in a perfect world, without a government, this is what would happen, not every person is perfect, or good. A government protects our natural rights and we need them to be protected. Locke trusted the people to govern themselves in a state of nature, he also took into account for the strong and the smart overpowering the weak (checks and balances).

A democracy: multiple branches to equal out the power.

protects our rights, fair trails, checks and balances
A dictatorship: one person with all the power

does not protect the rights of everyone else, unlimited power
What do we need?
We need a limited government, because all of the power should not be solely in the hands of on person, or one group of people, we should have different people working together to better the entire community.
Lord of the Flies
This movie was about a group of young boys that got stranded on an island with no food, water, or any means of transportation. Their guide had a serious brain injury. There was no authority, no leadership and they were all frightened. Ralph, one of the boys was elected leader on the spot, everyone yelled out his name and agreed to elect him leader. The boys all got along for a few days under the leadership of Ralph, but soon the group of boys started to split into two. Jack, another boy that was stranded as well wanted to hunt and play games, he gathered the older boys with him and ran off from the initial group, causing the other boys to be confused and angry. The two group of boys did not get along at all at this point, both group wanted different things. While Ralph was focused on getting rescued, Jack was focused on having fun, even if this fun involved hurting other people. The two groups fought countless times and killed a few of the boys, until miraculously, a naval officer, who saves them all. This movie shows what could happen if we did not have a government.
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