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Italian pop and folk culture

No description

Marie Cross

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Italian pop and folk culture

Folk: Food
Italian Pop and Folk Culture
Folk Culture
Folk: Music
Italy has a variety regions which all have their own style of Folk music
antipasto, primo, secondo, cortorno, dessert
Consists of Music, Sports, Food, environmental factors, housing, art, religion, and clothing
Arabic, African, Celtic, Persian, Roma and Slavic cultures are apparent in the different musical styles due to the exposure they have because of trade by the sea
folk housing
truello, villas, and villages
Folk: Sports
folk religion
Catholicism and witchcraft
Sferistici: Ball sport- been around since 1555
Split off into Pallone col bracciale,pallapugno,palla elastica, pallapugno leggera, and tamburello.
Popular Culture
Consists of music, sports, food, environmental factors, housing, art, religion, tv/internet, and clothing.
Pop: TV/Internet
Affari Tuoi: Game show similar to
Deal or No Deal
Scherzi A Parte: Italian version of
CentroVetrine: Soap opera
Pop: Religion
Roman Catholic, Jewish, Protestant
Folk: Art
Include: Pottery, glass work, metals, and jewelry that are hand made
Pop: Food
Pop cultures food highly relies on
Pop culture music is commercially recorded music, that is marketed. Pop music is different than Folk, because of the fact that pop music is highly commercialized compared to Folk. Some examples of pop music are;
Rock and Roll
Hip-hop/ Rap
Pop: Music
Pop culture sports are played in a public set schedual for an audience. Sports have been a big part of Americans' lives because they are commercially advertised. Some examples of sports native to Italy are;
Rugb y
Pop: Sports
Pop culture art presented a challenge to fine art because it had imagery from pop cultures like advertising. The concept of pop art is not the art itself but the attitude, emotion or meaning the art brings.
Pop: Art
Food is very much a part of popular culture, and the beliefs, practices, and trends in a culture affect its eating practices. Popular culture includes the ideas and objects generated by a society, including commercial, political, media, and other systems, as well as the impact of these ideas and objects on society.
Pop: Food
Pop: Clothing
Fashion is the prevailing mode of expression but quite often applies to a personal mode of expression that may or may not apply to all. Therefore, fashion pertains to almost everything someone does; the way they talk, the way they walk, the way they dress, the way they spend their money, the music they listen to.
Folk: Environmental Factors
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