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Family Tree

No description

Shotomei Greaux

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Family Tree

Shotomei's Family Tree
Family Tree
Learned Traits
My sister
Inherited Traits
My mom and I have the same body shape.
My dad and I have a small dimple on the top of our cheeks.
My dad and I our both allergic to cats.
My mom and I are the same height.
Both my parents and I have the same eye color.
Learned Traits
I learned how to ride a bike from my dad.
I learned how to skate from my mom.
I learned how to cook from my mom.
I learned how to play basketball from my dad.
I learned how to drive from both my parents.
Like we grown
Take me to the king
My n****
I believe human behaviors are learned because nobody is born a bad person its who your surrounded by that makes you feel like you have to act this way. For example your taught to have manners and be respectful but if you see someone else being rude therefore your going to think its okay to be rude. Its like a monkey see monkey do type of situation.
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