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Why Blended learning

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Go English Live

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Why Blended learning

Why Blended learning
-teach how to follow a hash tag
Web 2.0
Using online tools to improve student engagement.
English Course set up using Blended learning
Online interaction from any location.
Better assessment

There are many reasons why people can really improve their learning stratagies.
Open Source - Twitter- Facebook- Flicker
Blended learning
We can use technology to:
directly supports the processes of learning and teaching
enable a student-centred, personalised learning framework that caters for each student's unique needs and preferences of every student
connect every students to a diverse community network of students, lecturers and mentors.
The Blended course is a mix of:
information technologies—videoconferencing, audioconferencing, Internet, CD-ROM and other media
appropriate learning technologies (learning management systems such as Moodle)
on-site facilitated activities
on-demand learner support systems.

What are they?
DEFINITION OF MASTERY-BASED* Students advance upon mastery of a concept or skill, not based on time.
Online exams
By having your exams online you can measure your advances in class.
In today’s education system, time is held as a constant, while student learning is variable—that is, when it’s time to move on to another concept, students have varying levels of mastery of a given concept. In a mastery-based learning system, the reverse is true. Time becomes a variable, while student learning is a constant.
It is a set of tools to interact with each other.
Bloggs- It is a great place for each student to have their own blog- Where they state all their relative concepts and share them with each other.
to share information
to bring means to other sources
to contact the teacher
Students can ask questions and help each other, This helps with interaction between students. Everyone has their own space to
The best way to learn is to just use them
Constant assistance is necessary.
Closed source- LMS- learning management systems
They are virtual logs.
Students can have their own blog and you can look back and see the process you have gone through.
You can post about your ideas on the material.
What are they looking to learn in the course.
Comment on each others work.
We can use it to reinforce the learning strategy.
When students learn these tools they will benefit for the rest of their lives.
Have you ever doubted if you were really learning in class.
With exams we double check that we have learned the outcomes put on to us by the teachers.
You can go back and check your exams online.
Once you have finished the course exams you get your learning certificate automatically.
For example, you might deliver some materials on line, through web pages, discussion boards and/or email. But you might still use traditional teaching methods such as lectures, in-person discussions, seminars or tutorials, depending on the content you're teaching, the context you're using it in, and the audience you're delivering it to.

The following diagram shows you different ways you might combine online and traditional delivery when you're developing a blended learning approach to your course.
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