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Book review: The Divide


Emma Kohlbacher

on 5 April 2010

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Transcript of Book review: The Divide

The Divide Where it takes place A magical world you enter when you cross the divide in South America. The Characters Felix, Betony, Ironclaw, Thornbeak,
and Snakeweed Who would like to read
this book I think that this book would be good
for middle-schoolers and people who
like fantasy and adventure. Reading and point level Level: 5.3 Points: 11 Fiction by Elizabeth Kay What they are Brazzles
(Ironclaw and Thornbeak)
Griffins Japegrins
Leprachauns Tanglechild
Elves A Short Summary Felix is a weak boy with a rare heart disease, and his parents are always watching over him. But when he goes on vacation to Costa Rica that all changes. In the other world he makes many new friends and some deadly enemies. His new friends are determined to rid him of his disease and defeat the evil in their world. Felix and his friends go through many dangerous and thrilling adventures to bring back peace to their world. My Favorite Scene My favorite scene is when Felix gets
back to Earth and finds out he is cured
of his disease because he doesn't have to live
with a burden anymore.
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