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Arab uprisings of 2010-11

No description

Ed Webb

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of Arab uprisings of 2010-11

External Forces
neoliberal globalization
technological changes (especially media/communications)
policy & diplomatic pressures from major powers & IFIs
Permissive conditions: before the uprisings
During/after the uprisings
diplomatic pressures
armed interventions
global media/public opinion
Common internal factors
demographic pressures
legitimacy deficits
rising food insecurity
Crony capitalism, family domination
single-party police state
weak, heavily censored mass media
small, professional army
co-opted but strong union movement - UGTT
Why did this suicide provoke an uprising?
Demonstration Effects
Military-dominated single-party police state
Divisions in elite/deep state
Diverse, somewhat open media
Repressed but persistent workers' and civil rights activism
systematically under-institutionalized
less established national identity: regional, tribal etc. powerful
reliance on mercenaries
NATO+ intervention
N-S break not healed
ungoverned regions
weak central power & national identity
persistent outside interventions, including GCC at present
Uprising deliberately framed as sectarian by minority regime
KSA/UAE intervention decisive
Media coverage & western reaction different
Almost totalitarian regime
Sectarian/minority identities politicized
Aggressive outside interference
Contagion from Iraq
"Arab Spring" - the uprisings of 2010-11
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