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Internal Communications Strategy

No description

Christina Abel

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Internal Communications Strategy

As a remote organization there is no one office or headquarters to serve as a central hub. Therefore
communications are more important than ever to ensure that everyone is on the same page, feels included, engaged, and are
brand advocates
of our
With the rebrand, this is the ideal time to launch a new look, feel, tone, and delivery method for internal communications
Timing with the rebrand:

How we will get there:
Clear, concise communications
Branded look and feel with one font style and color
Streamlined channels:
= business critical messaging
= employee/HR/soft news
= as needed for IT issues, town hall meetings, site-based events
Where we want to be:
2014 Timeline
Internal Communications Strategy
are we now?

Inconsistent fonts, colors, sizes, styles
Lack of clarity
The believability and authenticity of our brand starts internally. It must resonate and be reinforced with our employees so that every external interaction and touch point is consistent and aligned
- External launch of brand at Pain Week and WCI in August


Brand Overview Desk Card Desktop Postcard
: Name, Logo, Colors Mission, Vision, Values, # of Employees, Locations, Value Proposition, Strategic Priorities, Leadership Team, Our Purpose, Our Commitment, Corporate Responsibility, Philanthropy

- Develop
rebranded onboarding

- Welcome letter
- History, mission, vision, values
- Benefits
- Org chart
- Training Schedule
- Logging in, email set up, etc
- Systems and Tools

Oct -
Develop Internal Communication Channels:
2-way communication
Internal web portal
: post employee photos, profiles, events, contests (culture building)

Facebook page
: celebrate employees, employees events, contests, photos (culture building)

Employee life cycle brand development
: create contests (video "Tell us why you love NewCo"), awards (who best represents our values), recognition (you are this quarter's brand ambassador)
Nov - Measure
Survey Employees:

Track current brand understanding
- What are our company mission, vision, values?
How are we doing?
- How do you prefer to receive communications?
Email, newsletter, memo, town hall,
- What topics are you most interested in?
HR, Benefits and Compensation, Industry news, Company news, feature articles
- How would you rate current communications?
1-5, 1= very clear, 5 = very unclear

- Streamlined
- Consistent
- Branded
- Importance, level of urgency is
maintained and upheld
Internal Communication
- Business critical information only
- Messaging from leadership
- Used sparingly so that its importance isn't diminished
by frequency

- Pride building
- Wins
- Employee features
- Soft news
August - EMG Selects:
- Name
- Logo
- Colors
Internal Creative:
- Use Monigle templates to create:
- Memo
- Newsletter
- Business card

- Used as needed
- IT outages
- HR news

Aug - Launch Brand:
- Celebrate with lab/site-based celebrations (giveaway = tshirt)
- Memo from leadership announcing new name
- "We are pleased to announce our new name, logo and colors, etc"

- Original vision for merging labs
- The research overview to get a picture of where we are and
where we want to go
Next Steps:
Here's what to expect:
- External announcement on xx date
- Email signatures updated enterprise-wide
- Business cards updated enterprise-wide
- ID badges updated enterprise-wide

Dec - Refine
- Use employee feedback from surveys to
evolve the way we communicate

- Recap year's highlights:
successes, accomplishments, wins

No delineation between
critical and non-critical messaging
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