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Google Drive Offline & Calendar

No description

Brandi Reynolds

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Google Drive Offline & Calendar

Goodbye Planner. Hello Google Calendar
Keep a Classroom Calendar
Create Reminders
Set up Appointment Slots
Google Drive Offline & Calendar
Google Calendar in the Cloud
Creating a new calendar
Sharing your calendar
Color Coding
Adding documents to your calendar events
Mobile Setup
Reoccurring Events
change the date to keep docs
Calendar or Offline Help Contact:
Brandi Reynolds

David Noller

Additional Support is available from the
TCAPS TechSource
To the Cloud
Google Chrome
Go to cloud.tcaps.net and log in with your network user name and password.

Google Docs and Google Drive are the same product.
Minimize your browser and open the TCAPS folder.
Select TCAPS App Store
Find Google Drive and Install
Go back to Google Drive online
Installing Google Drive
Google Drive Offline
Learners will have to go through the same steps you just did to get started
Help Tutorial
Easily share with learners and
Reminders can be sent as:
Text messages
Web browser pop ups
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Resource Tutoring
Teacher/Student Conferences
Video Tutorial
What to Sync and How to Disable Offline
Turning Dive Offline on
You can choose to sync all docs or specific folders
All docs not organized into a folder will automatically be synced
How do I turn it off?
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