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My HAPPO-ly Ever After.

23 fun facts on why you shouldn't let me be "the one that got away"

Brianna Nelson

on 23 July 2010

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Transcript of My HAPPO-ly Ever After.

Fun Fact #1 Unlike most of the young PR pros I'm up against, I will not hold a degree in PR, advertising, marketing or communications. My degree will be in sociology. Why? Because I like to learn about what drives people. i'm different. Fun Fact #2 but i'm still the same. Just because I will have a degree in sociology does not mean I'm less qualified than someone who majored in advertising. If you check out my digitalCV, you will notice that all of my experience is in PR or social media. Fun Fact #3 creativity is not a noun or adjective to describe me. it is who i am. From scrapbooking to creating operations to designing logos, creativity has been a part of my life since I can remember. Fun Fact #4 i like to be involved. Cue my sophomore year of college: I was on the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point dance team, coached a middle school dance team (both of which took national championships that year), worked two jobs, actively participated in PRSSA and was the news editor for our paper, The Pointer. All while working hard in my classes to be accepted into UW-Madison for the following year. Fun Fact #5 dedication is my middle name. It's actually Marie, but in everything I’ve ever done I always give 110%…no matter how cliche that sounds. Fun Fact #6 i'm a storyteller. While I interned at a radio station, one of the ZJ’s was awed at how I would immediately go into a full-fledged story when asked a simple “yes” or “no” question. I can’t help it, I like telling stories. Fun Fact #7 much like San Diego, i like to stay classy. I believe you are what you represent and posting inappropriate tweets or photos is tactless. Every Thursday before the weekend, I would always channel my inner-Ron Burgundy and tell my dancers to “stay classy.” Fun Fact #8 i am innately curious. When I find something I’m interested in, I like to research it and learn everything I can. Fun Fact #9 i'm driven. When I started coaching the McFarland high school dance team, it was basically in shambles. I knew the team had the potential to be great, so I re-built the program from the ground up, re-branded them and drove them hard at practice. I invested almost all of my life into that team. The result? They took third place at the Wisconsin State Championship in 2008 after placing second-to-last in 2007. Fun Fact #10 i like silliness. Believe it or not, some of my greatest ideas have popped into my head while I was having a laugh with friends, colleagues or even watching a funny movie. However, I know when to (and can) switch gears immediately when it’s time to get serious. Fun Fact #11 i'm pretty savvy when it comes to the web. Social media was a large focus for our “check it.” campaign with Bateman. I’ve created and maintained the websites for the middle and high school dance teams I coached. Madison Social Media Club (SMC) is something I’ve recently become involved with. During the 2009 PRSSA National Conference in San Diego, I tweeted about our presentation and activities. Aside from blogging regularly at www.briannamnelson.com and checking Mashable daily, I stay up-to-date and the latest social media trends. Fun Fact #12 i like to make imPRessions. Don’t let these fun facts be the only ones that persuade you, here are what other people are saying about me:
“Brianna was excellent at creating clear and creative clip books for our clients that were easy to read and well organized. She would be an asset to any PR team she is part of.” — Sheri Rice Bentley, APR, my supervisor while I interned at Knupp & Watson.
“She was a strong team leader, always keeping us on track and making sure our final product was the best it could be.” — Laura Sexauer, former Bateman team member.
“…this is brianna nelson. spicy & creative spirit. fashionista & social media enthusiast. genuine friend. lover of life” – Amy Grassl, former PRSSA member/Jimmy Johns Guerrilla Marketer.
“Brianna was my favorite person in the audience when I danced because no matter the circumstances, she always had faith in me and in our team.” — Lexi Schroedl, former dance team member. Fun Fact #13 i'm like a honeybee: hardworking. Staying up all night at the library getting projects done or staying at The Pointer office until my section was put to bed are just a few examples of how I don’t quit until what needs to get done is done. Fun Fact #14 i'm a natural-born leader. Student council president in sixth grade, secretary in eighth. Attended WASC (Wisconsin Association of Student Councils) summer leadership camp for two years. Winter dance team captain senior year of high school. Ben Franklin Junior High dance team coach sophomore year of college. McFarland High School varsity dance team coach junior and senior year of college. Career and Internship Director for PRSSA senior year of college and Bateman Director fifth year of college. Leadership is what I do. Fun Fact #15 challenges excite me. Re-establishing UW-Madison’s participation in the Bateman Case Study Competition after a five-year absence was an extreme challenge for me. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt the outcome was worth any obstacle I encountered. Fun Fact #16 i'm a passionista. There are many other things I’m passionate about besides PR, social media and dance. Want to find out? You’ll have to interview me first. :) Fun Fact #17 i believe giving is more important than receiving. I have actively participated in Relay for Life and Hunger Clean Up. Donating blood is also a cause I feel strongly about. Fun Fact #18 i don't know what i would do without an empty to-do list. Daily to-do lists are essential to my life and I am determined to have every item crossed off by the end of the day. The fact that I color-code everything makes it fun, too. Fun Fact #19 i love feedback. Growing up dancing, accepting constructive criticism is now second nature to me. And since I am a curious person, I’m always looking to know what I’m doing well and what I can improve on. Fun Fact #20 full-fledged TGIM believer. Don’t get me wrong, I love TGIF like the next person. But I plan to live my life by TGIM (something I learned at a PRSSA meeting). After all, the work week is five days long…won’t those days be more enjoyable if you have something that makes you excited to get out of bed? Fun Fact #21 i can, and like to, wear many hats. Need me to do something administrative? I’m right on top of that. Want something creative? Piece of cake. Require a piece written in an hour? No problem. Fun Fact #22 i am young, therefore full of fun and fresh ideas. Want to make it HAPPO? connect with me. Twitter: @briannamnelson LinkedIn: briannamnelson Gmail: brianna.marie.nelson@gmail.com A HAPPO-ly Ever After 23 fun facts on why you shouldn't let me be "the one that got away" Fun Fact #23 Want to know the reasoning behind my love of J.Crew Jackie cardigans? Because they are classic. And classic style is forever. While it is important to stay on top of the ever-changing trends in our field, it's also important to remember that old-fashioned customer service never goes out style. Just like a Jackie cardigan. i believe some things never go out of style.
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