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On Your Radar:

No description

paulette alcox

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of On Your Radar:

Subject Achievement
When a student is working towards the
regular grade level
overall expectations...
What report is needed for each student?
The regular Provincial Report Card must be completed for
Learning Skills and Work Habits
Subject Achievement
When a student is working towards
Ontario Curriculum expectations from a different grade level
Alternative Programming
When students are working at programming that is not based on Ontario Curriculum expectations IN PLACE OF THIS SUBJECT...
Where to go for help:
Email: paulette.alcox@dsbn.org
On Your Radar:
Report Card Details

The Alternate Report Card
is completed for students who are working towards expectations that are not part of the regular Ontario Curriculum, (such as social skills, daily living, OT).
Sample behaviours are there to better define what these terms mean in the context of the classroom.
These are not curriculum expectations. Teachers and students determine appropriate goals. Comments and letter grades address the student's achievement relative to those goals.
Learning Skills and Work Habits are to be taught and assessed throughout the term- not just evaluated at the end.
Criterion Referenced Evaluation
IEP box is checked
Mandatory statement:
The remainder of (name)’s program as indicated on his/her IEP is reflected on the attached alternative report card.
“This (letter grade/percentage mark) is based on achievement of expectations in the IEP that vary from the Grade X expectations (and/or) are an (increase/decrease) in the (number and/or complexity)
of curriculum expectations.”
IEP box is checked
AL is selected from the drop down menu in the grade box
Statement to clarify:
In French...
This means that most students are registered in Trillium as
Core French
. Then ...
A student is only
fom French if they are receiving
and not taking French.
all day Fri.
10:00 am-2:00 Sat. & Sun. this week
6:00-10:00 pm Mon.-Thurs.
For issues with policy or TWEA...
Any time during the school day.
For issues with computers and printers...
Call or email Help Desk during the school day 54040
For issues with TWEA and your TWEA set up
Why does it work?
Speak to the school secretary for set up issues,
(e.g., you do not have access to all of your students)
Otherwise, contact the Trillium team.
First Class: School Support Services/ Curriculum Services/ Assessment and Evaluation/ Elementary Report Card Support
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