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No description

Lisandra Maioli

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of E-shirt

1.Execute a competitive analysis.

2.Identify our target demographic.

3.Determine the right model for our exclusive T-shirts, “E-shirts.”

4.Explore the potential for E-Shirts as an e-commerce business.

5.Establish the current level of prospective customers’ interest in social causes and our socially conscious agenda.

6.Uncover the most effective ways of utilizing social media as promotional and relationship-building tools. Main Research Objectives Primary Research Methodology and Procedures Quantitative
Nominal, ordinal, interval scales
Online survey
36 individuals 18-45
Male and female Current involvement in social causes Online vs. direct Clothing types Frequency Online vs. direct Clothing types Frequency Preferred styles To provide comfort Fashion statement More? Comfort level with this notion Causes most in need of support Customers’ ability to design theirs Favorite designs Most commonly used tools Frequency Level of openness 1st Clothing shopping habits 2nd T-shirt purchases •Price ranges 3rd Perceptions of T-shirts 4th T-shirts as a creative platform for social causes 5th Use of Social Media 6th Respondents’ feedback post-introduction to E-Shirts Rating E-shirts’ concept, value, potential • Local vs. Global causes • Measure support for totally local venture •Likelihood to recommend •Additional thoughts, ideas Conclusion 77% of respondents
shop online for clothing Most online shopping done by these age groups:
18-30, at 88%
31-45, at 71% T-shirts as social cause platform? Answer showed 61% respondent-support. E-Shirts’ product and service concept support: 76% current non-social cause supporters 90% current social cause supporters vs. 90% used social media every day Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
most commonly used “V-neck, short-sleeved” T-shirt model got highest ranking from:

Males, 47 %
Females, 41% Respondents’ comfort level with wearing T-shirts in support of social causes:

Males, 38%
Females, 55% E-Shirts’ target population should remain 18-45 year-old men and women who support social causes. Strong likelihood of success for E-Shirts as an e-commerce. Social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) should serve as E-Shirts’ primary marketing/promotional tools. E-Shirt’s “customizing approach” could encourage customers to design and create platforms for social awareness and positive social change. Every E-Shirt model should be able to combine comfort with a passion for fashion and social upliftment. Gui Carvalho
Jeffrey Tang
Lisandra Maioli
Nicole Gyan
Thai Lam 1. E-troduction
2. E-Competitive Analysis
3. E- Methodology and Procedures
4. E-Survey Analysis
5. E-Conclusion and Recommendations
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