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Lord Of The Flies: Pop culture relations & Current event rel

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chris meeker

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Lord Of The Flies: Pop culture relations & Current event rel

The missing Malaysian airplane relates to LoTF because of how the children were on a plane and crashed on an island an nobody knew where they were.
Current events"
Current Events part 2:
TLoTF relates to World war 2 for the reason that the way jack seized power at any means necessary were similar to Hitler's. He also promised those better leadership and life if they joined him. It also referenced in the book a couple of times about an atom bomb, when three of the boys rolled the boulder down the mountain one of them yelled "Like a bomb!" Also the In-air battle between the planes in "Beast from air."
Pop culture relations to LOTF
Lord Of The Flies: Pop culture relations & Current event relations
The song "Welcome to the jungle" by Guns and Roses relates to the book because of the vast jungle on the island the boys are stranded on.
The movie "Cast Away" starring Tom Hanks relates to the book because of how his plane crashed and stranded him on an island such as how the boys plans was presumably shot down and stranded them.
In an episode of The Simpsons, "Das bus," they parodied what had happened in LoTF by having the children "crashland" onto an island and are stranded and encounter a "beast" same as the children in the book, the also qoute ralph and how he said to piggy a few times in the book "sucks to our asthma"
Iron Maiden (older heavy metal band" made a song actually titled "Lord of the flies"
The band U2, their final song of their debut album in 1980 was titled "Shadows and tall trees."
The song "You're gonna go far kid" by The Offspring is related to the book because of it the song portrays the abuse of power.
Stephen king also referenced Castle Rock a few times in many of his different books.
Pop Culture events Part 2.
"Lost" the tv show referenced LoTF in ways which some were easy to see and other references were barely heard, its similar because of their survival skills on both sides and how they both crash-landed in a plane onto an island.
Another episode of the Simpsons also references the book with, The pig head on a stick,wearing paint, and having primitive weapons.
Pop Culture pt.3
Sponge bob Referenced in one of
the episodes, Lord of The Flies, he
referenced it by having them on an
island stranded and start to go crazy
after awhile, but as soon as they landed
on the island they found a conch shell
similar to the one in the book.
Overall there were many
different references related
to the book in pop. culture these are only a few that i hand picked for this project.

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