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My Presentation on "A Painted House" by John Grisham

No description

sarah davis

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of My Presentation on "A Painted House" by John Grisham

My Presentation on "A Painted House" by John Grisham
how the title relates to the book
What makes the protagonist sympathetic or unsympathetic.
important quotes
the title shows the coming change the main character Luke, faces.
not sure if I like Luke or not, still debating it.
spies on a few of the other characters. Kind of a fly on the wall
cruel, basically a bully
only cares about himself
Luke's mother
a dreamer
also a bit of a gossip
Luke"s Grandfather
old fashioned
has a temper
two faced
acts smart but not really that smart
what is the story about?
It's about a little boy and his family and the events that happen when his family starts to harvest their cotton crop.
loose ends
do they ever find Hank's body?
what happens to Luke's grandparents after the crop fails and Luke and his parents leave?
does Ricky make it home? If he does, does he decide to be the father of the child he had with Libby?
symbols in a painted house
growing up
things happen whether we like it or not.
I saw something that at first I couldn't believe.Cowboy,sitting at the very end of the short trailer, turned quickly, and glanced at Tally. She seemed to have been waiting for him to look,because she gave him one of her pretty little smiles,similar to the ones I'd been getting. though he didn't return the smile, it was obvious he was pleased. It happened in a flash, and nobody saw it but me.
"Fetch me some water,boy," he growled abruptly in my direction. I was too surprised to move, I'd never heard a hill person give an order to one of us. I wasn't sure what to do.But he was grown, and I was just a kid.
It was even through a movie that I learned the sad truth that the South had, in fact, not won the Civil War, contrary to what I'd been told at home and at school.
I decided then and there that when I lived in Memphis or Little Rock I would not, under any circumstances, act like I was better than anybody else.
she'd been raised in a painted house.
In fact, he'd probably never dreamed of leaving the cotton patch. That thought was almost overwhelming.
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