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Camaro Miller human senses getting stronger

No description

maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Camaro Miller human senses getting stronger

Why our senses become stronger when we losse one
Answer and a little more
The Human brain
We have receptors that are assigned to one sense each.
By Camaro miller
The amazing human brain
Humans have more than five senses they are touch, taste, sight ,feel, pain ,balance, body position , and smell
Thank you for watching my prezi

I hope you enjoyed it.

By Camaro miller
In a part of our brain we have the brain stem that receives info from all the senses besides smell. The brain then sends the info through the thalamus to the cerebrum.
In the back of the eye we have certain cells that, can detect light.
Our senses send information about the conditions both inside the body and outside the body.
The brain is like the control center for the data or information gathered by the 5 senses.
Our senses respond to very different types of stimuli.
Our internal senses keep us aware of pain, hunger, movement, and fatigue.
External senses tell us what’s going on outside our body and internal senses tell us what’s going on inside our bodies.
Our five main senses
Different senses help humans control the many reactions of our body.
We have senses that tell what’s going on in the outside world along as with our bodies.
Senses are our body systems in which stimuli are retrieved and changed into perceptions.
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5 senses geting stronger after losseing one true or false
The Five Senses
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