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The Do's and Don'ts of presentations

The guide to creating a wonderful presentation

Magdalena Mendez

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of The Do's and Don'ts of presentations

The Do's and Don'ts of presentations
Be Loud!!!

Tips for
Ways to not be "that guy"
Be Exciting!!!
Be Professional!!!
Be Confident!!!
Welcome to PBS! This is the Beginning of your high school years in the Bio Med program. This program requires a lot of presenting to your classes. This Prezi will guide you to be successful; not only in Bio Med, but future high school and college classes.
SiZe MaTtErS
Be Prepared!!!
Your guide to a successful presentations...for dummies (freshman)
Your voice is a very important tool in presenting.
It is important that everyone can hear you.
Things to check in your presentation:
If you're not excited about it no one will be.
Being exciting will captivate your audience! Don't be dull and boring.
Everything you have learned about presentations before today =
Fonts Colors:
Can you read me?
How about now?
Do I hurt your eyes?

Not all presentations are formal, but that doesn't mean you cant be professional! The way you appear and present, is a way to show off your professional side. You want to be fun, but you have to remember that your presentation reflects back on you!
You may not believe this, but you can do it!!! Just think of your presentation as a nerdy conversation with a friend, Too harsh? Ok a very sophisticated conversation with a group of socialites. Better? Okay good. So say it with your chest and stand tall because you got this!
Keeping an audiences attention is key. Pictures are the perfect way to do so. If used correctly this will make you appear to be awesome! If used incorrectly... terrible things will happen. Okay just a few points off. As long as it makes sense, and fits well, you should be fine.
*Your text can't be too small or too BIG.
*CAPS LOCK IS NOT YOUR FRIEND SO AVOID USING IT! (don't "yell" at your audience with your big bad caps lock self.)
*DoN't MaKe It MoRe CoMpLeX wItH rAnDoM cApItAl LeTtErS.

Color is important. You want to have an attractive presentation but save the eyesore. Color can hurt you if it clashes with the back ground. So make sure you make good decisions with color and background
Ex: Pic-1
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
*molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all living organisms.
*The structure of DNA is a double helix
Ex-Pic 2
Taco Soup Recipe:
1 can Tomatoe Soop
1 cup milk
2tb Taco seasoning
18 Totilla chips
Shredded Monterrey Jack cheese
I don't know about you, but I struggle reading that...
Presentation By...
Magdalena "Magz of Steel" Mendez
Nathan "Do-nothing" Jaquish
Brianna "Bri-Wheezy" Householder
Nothing is worst than being unprepared. You stand in front of your peers looking like a fool. Don't look like a fool... Make note cards if necessary! Look at it the night before! Whatever you do, DO NOT read off the screen. That is very bad!
Brittany "Busy Bee" Fensler
Snider Panthers class of 2014
*4 year Biomed students
*Student athletes
*All pending graduates except Nathan... jk

"trust us we are practically doctors"
"you have big shoes to fill"
"after 4 years they smell pretty bad"
"Can i graduate yet?
-...it's day 1 and you've been here a total of 20 minutes.
. so is that a yes? ".
When your miss speel, u look stupid
Proof reading is a fool proof way to not look like a fool.
you should only have seven lines with
no more that 7 words per line
otherwise you start people won't even
read the slide because lets be honest
nobody likes to read big long passages.
dont just copy and past wikipedia pages,
you think people wont notice, but they do.

Helpfull Tips 101
Remember to always introduce yourself
Remember to speak up!
Try to stay still. Pacing and rocking can be ditracting
Remember to always have reminders.
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