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❤ To infinity and beyond ❤

No description

Alexander Davila

on 24 May 2015

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Transcript of ❤ To infinity and beyond ❤

If you're reding this that meens You put up with my nonsense for 365 days! yay!
hahahah!!,Thank you for inspiring me , you have been a very big part in my life. So anywaysss , i made this funny and trying to be cute presentati0n for you hope you love it! ;)
Once upon a time there was a awkward boy who fell in love with a really cute and weird girl, and her laughter was out of the question and once the award moments were out of the way they fell in love and became boyfriend and girlfriend.
I'm really glad that u came in to my life.when i first saw u i never thought u would meen soo much to me you cough me completely by surprise you're sneaky like that one day you get to know my friends and family and quick ly become my beast friend and BAM! you suddenly meen the world to me .i cough a clever one ...i clever on indeed.
i sill remember each and every one of those conversations :)
Remember This?
ahh the old days
How about this remember this?
OK OK !!! Enough of my blabbing lets get to it shall we? My point is ever seance the day i met u , u have let a mark on my life literally
Lets do this!
The point is that i love you, and seance we have been together for one year witch equals to 365 days. hence i shall list 365 reasons why i love you....or just random stuff that came to my mind hope u reed it all and watch it to the end :)
Reason # 1
because i said so....
Reason # 2
Because every time i see u i wanna hug you and never let go because ur soo cute!!!!
Reason # 3
Because you're voice and you're laugh is the best sound i have ever heard in my entire freaking life!!
Reason # 16
Because ur one of the few people who has ever heard me sing
Reason # 15
Because u know how to make me laght even wen i dont want to :)
Reason # 14
Because one day i wanna marry you baby <3<3
Reason # 13
Because youre so damn hot!!!!<3<3
Reason # 12
Because we are so damn weird together !!
Reason # 11
Because u like my motorcycle pic :3
Reason # 10
Because u know wen im lying tisk tisk and i still cant figure out wen u lie lol
Reason # 9
Because u say the cutest things over and over again and it never gets old.
Reason # 8
Because you're so passionate about the things you love.
Reason # 7
Because you re small and cute!!
Reason # 6
Reason # 5
Because you're nose ...no wait you're lips ...no wait you're legs...no wait ...you're butt ....ahhh!! because i love everything and every part of you ...i love everything about u baby and yes even you're (lunares ;) )
Reason # 4
Because every time i make you laugh i feel a seance of accomplishment. and im my head i make a lil victory dance and go like fufu yeah ....;)
Reason # 17
Because for my birth day you gave me the best gift in the universe you finally said yes :) (Best day ever ) ;)
Reason # 18
Because you give me you're jacket so i can sniff it <3
Reason # 18
Because you smell so mother flopping good !!!<3
Reason # 19
Because u tell me im cute when i feel like poop.
Reason # 20
Because you're the best dancer i know :)
Reason # 21
Because you were my fist kiss
Reason # 22
Because i cant picture my life with out you
Reason # 23
Because youre all ways there for me wen i need u and you all ways take care of me wen i need it.
Reason # 26
Because youre the only one that understands me.
Reason # 27
Because i can act like a compleat moron and you ll still allways love me even wen im mad at you ,you still treat me with soo much love
Reason # 30
Because you listen to my babbling nonsense.
Reason # 31
Because youre a animal lover
Reason # 24
Because every time we kiss it feels like the fist time again.
Reason # 25
Because i still get butter flies every time i see you from across the room.
Reason # 28
Because you know how to surprise me wen u want to or put effort into it :)
Reason # 29
Because youre my every thing my Baby my life my dream come true my cookie my one true love my best friend and my future wife my every thing !
Reason # 32
Because we have soo much in common.
Reason # 33
Because every time you call me you put a smile on my face
Reason # 34
Because you do crazy stuff for me .
Reason # 35
Because you're the weirdest girl no wait person i have ever met 0_0 lol
Reason # 36
Because you give me unexpected kissies.
Reason #37
You give me unexpected love bites :0 ;)
Reason #38
Because youre the bigest butt face ever!
Reason #39
Beacuse we are akward together
Reason #40
Because i do crazy stuff for u and you for me...
Reason # 41
Beause youre my kitty!!!!!!!!!
Reason # 50
Because u have a awesome family.
Reason #42
Beauce we are cute together even we are high lol
Reason # 43
Bacause when i hug u i feel safe :3 like i have nothing going on like youre the only thing i have to worie about in the hole univese like its just you and me <3
Reason # 49
Because we will make the best freaking babies
Reason # 48
Because i look good in a tux .,,,huh huh huh lol that dousent have to do with any thing but what ever lol
Reason # 47
Because of youre smile
Reason # 46
Be hoest we look hot together ;)
Reason # 45
Because when i buy you stuff you freak out and get supper happy :)
Reason # 44
Because you have a great sence of humor :P
Reason # 51
Because you never fail to show me that you love me :3
Reason # 52
Because u look so hot in a swim suit ;)
Reason # 53
Because secretly i love youre british accent
Reason # 55
Because you make me proud to have you as my girl friend.
Reason # 54
Because you're a Davila ;)
Reason # 56
Because you feed me .... like shoving french fries down my throat...lol
Reason # 57
Because you let me keep youre clothes.
Reason # 58
Because youre patient with me when i get super annoying.
Reason #63
Because of youre epic faces .
Reason # 62
Cause we stay up all night video chating with each other ;)
Reason # 61
Because youre my valentine literally hahaha!
Reason # 60
Because its funny when you randomly start to dance i love that...:)
Reason # 59
Because every time you text me you make me smile .
Reason # 64
Because youre a rocker like me.
Reason # 65
Because we always shear our lunch and other stuff...
Reason # 73
Because our fights don't last a day
Reason # 69
Because you can beat my butt at Mario.
Reason # 72
Because youre not afraid to tel me how you feel.
Reason # 70
Because ill all ways be youre Mario and you will always be my Peach.
Reason # 66
Because some times u still act like a lil girl i know ur not acting but its still the cutest thing ever i love that about you
Reason # 71
Because you tech me and i teach you.
Reason # 67
Because your my princes and im your princes ...and no i didn't meen prince ...-_-...
Reason # 68
Because i stalk you in youre sleep lol you are so damn cute wen youre sleeping ....ohh who am i kidding youre always cute ;)
Reason # 80
Because you are still reading this :3
Reason # 79
Because you treasure the gifts i give you.
Reason #78
Enough said hahahahaha
Reason # 81
Because if your were fat i would still love you and if you fell down the stairs i would roll you up lol
Reason # 82
Because we have wired conversations together. on the phone.
Reason # 77
Because you make me feel wanted .
Reason # 75
Because u like watching cartoons with me as much as i love to do it with you .(regular show adventure time ;) )
Reason # 76
Because youre the reason that i wake up every morning
Reason # 74
Because youre the type of girl that laughs at me wen i fall then helps me get back up ...
Reason # 83
Because you worrie about me wen i don't worrie about my self.
Reason # 84
Because you like to cuddle .
Reason # 85
Because you tell me every thing.
Reason # 88
Because you would risk anything for me .
Reason # 89
kiss me kiss me right now .....i meen kiss me if you like this so far ;)
Reason # 86
Because u all ways give me a another reason to love u more!
Reason # 87
Because you let me play with youre hair
Because you kiss my forehead and my hand and my cheek .
Reason # 92
Because your tickle sh
Reason # 91
Because you let me touch ur boobs even wen im not suppose to :3 ur the best
Reason # 90
Reason # 93
Because of youre personality.
Reason # 95
Because you catch me being pervi and your ok with it lol you the best baby.
Reason # 96
Beause you can lie ur nose and i cant lol
Reason # 97
I dont think i have to sey anything on this one
Reason # 98
Because u let me tie you shoes.
Reason # 101
Because you like Disney movies.
Reason # 100
Because youre cheeks are soo damn solf everything about u is solf .
Reason # 102
Because youre my lil mermaid.
Reason # 103
Because u have a great God like hair.
Reason # 104
Because u like to play with my hair.
Reason # 99
Because you like pepe ;)
Because you...
Reason # 106
Because youre great with kids.
Reason # 111
Because we share so many memories together.
Reason # 110
Because you make me feel confident.
Reason # 107
Because you bite my nose.
Reason # 108
Because you call me at midnight to tell me that you love me .
Reason # 109
Because you make my heart melt.
Reason # 115
Because you still think im perfect.
Reason # 114
Because i love all you imperfections and u love mine.
Because you don't care how sweaty our hands get wen we are holding hands.
Reason # 112
Because even thou we fight you never love me less.
Reason # 123
Because the fist time you saw me you said oh my God he is so cute.
Reason # 121
Because youre my soul mate.
Reason # 122
Because your afraid of losing me.
Reason # 124
Because you love every ting about me.
Reason # 118
Because you can share your fears with me .
Reason # 120
Because we tell stuff to each other that no ones knows about .
Reason #119
Because youre the only person that has seen me cry .
Reason # 117
Because you talk about me and show me off to youre friends.
Reason # 116
Because u love me with all youre heart.
Reason #125
Because youre so sweet.
Reason # 126
Because you care so much for me.
Reason # 127
Because you look so damn hot and good in a dress.
Reason # 128
Because you always wanna be with me as much as i wanna be with u.
Reason # 129
Because you have perfect theeth
Reason # 130
Reason # 131
Because ill do every thing possible so u will never grow out of you lil girl that i love so much .
Reason # 132
Because you're nice .
Reason # 141
Because you tell me that you miss me.
Reason # 140
Because your me guardian angle.
Reason #139
Because youre half cat and u like to clim stuff i find that extremely fun and super sexy .
Reason # 138
Because youre really really rreeeaaalllyyy funny!
Reason # 135
When im with you i feel like im home .
Reason # 136
Because you send me good morning txts. and good night txts.
Reason # 137
How we can be together every day and we never get tired of each other ,
Reason # 134
Because i love the fact that i could fall asleep on youre lap in less then 5 minutes.
Reason # 133
Because youre my hero.
Reason # 143
Because youre beauty full inside and out .
Reason # 144
Because you love that im taller.
Reason # 145
Because i love u .... and i wanna spend the rest of my life with you my love .
Reason # 146
Because you have made ma into a better person .
Reason # 142
Because of the way that you look at me with thous big brown eyes ....i love you.
Reason # 152
Because i know if i got lost you would look for me all night then give up and call the cops lol
Reason # 151
Because i know together we can concur any obstacle.
Reason # 150
Because i know our love will last for ever...<3
Reason # 149
Because your irresistible .
Reason # 148
Because you believe in god.
Reason # 147
Because wen im with you u make me the happiest person in the universe every second with you is a blessing.
Reason # 160
Because you have awesome nails.
Reason # 158
Because wen i try really hard to impress you , you end up laughing in my face
Reason # 157
Because being with you is like being in a romantic comedy .
Reason # 156
Because you keep me going ...
Reason # 154
Because i know i cant live with out you
Reason # 161
Because you chose me over sleep.
Reason # 159
Because you have a really sexy thong.
Reason # 153
Because u kiss me with a passion that is not found even in movies.
Reason # 155
Because even wen youre far away you still take the time to take pictures for me wen i miss you .
Reason # 162
Because i know i can trust u with my life and u wont take it for granted ...all the time lol
Reason # 163
Because u have a super unique style. and i love it
Reason # 164
Because you have really good taste i meen you chose me didn't you?
Reason # 165
Because im all ways pussy with you .
Reason # 166
Because there are no words tat can express the kind of girl that u are ..<3 ohh wait yeah there is wired lol
Reason # 167
Because your my best friend.
Reason # 169 ,170 ,171
Because i love it wen u feel ashamed or blush its just soo cute . Because i love that youre girly and u can also be one of the guys.Because i love that ur a really happy person. Because i like it wen u were tight shirts ( aahh me babeo ) i meen huh? what ?
Reason # 179
Because i love ur body especially those curves that drive me wild.;
Reason # 168
Because our relationship is so easy and fun .
Reason #176 ,177, 178
Because of the way that ur hand fit perfectly in mine.
Reason # 172, 173 ,174 ,175
Because i love that youre always thinking of me .
Reason # 186
Because u all ways know how to make me smile .
Reason # 185
Because you're the cutest chubby wobbly baby ever!!!!
Because u drive dirty
Reason # 181 , 182 ,183
Because ur family likes me ....(i think)
Reason # 180
Because of the laughs that we share.
Reason # 187
Because your belly is sooooooo mother freaking hooottttt!!!!!!! ps : i love ur belly bottom :3
Reason # 188
Because wen ur with me i feel like this ....
Reason # 189
Because ur cute ans supper funny.
Reason # 190
Because i like me wen im wired.
Reason # 192
Because u look care of our daughters.
Reason # 194
Because u think im strong , hot and sexy. :)
Reason # 196 , 197
Because our eating habits are pretty much the same.
Reason # 198
I love the faces that you make.
Reason # 201
Because you know how to fight evil ...i meen fight dirt ahah wow u even look good wile cleaning it will be supper fun to clean with you wen we get married.
Reason # 202
because you have such a cuuutttee nose!!!!
Reason # 199 , 200
Because your a great cook.
Reason # 193
i love u because this is soo true ...
Reason # 191
Because u let me keep ur Jones puppy
Reason # 203
if youre still reeding kiss me kiss me passionately right now :) youre welcome .
Reason # 204
Por que me ligas ;)
Reason # 205
Because you funny .
Reason # 207
Reason # 206
Well just because i love you.
Reason # 208
Because even thou i couldn't finish this you still love me i hope u liked it and im sorry i couldent finish i love you now from now on ill work so we can make it another great year together i love u soo much bb ps the rest of the resons will come by them selfs cause you and i will be together for ever te amo.marry me i meen good morning :
The fist pic that we ever took together :) i remember that day i was looking at ur butt wen u were climing up lol
soo cute!!
The day i all moust raped u lol ;) ps u know u enjoyed it too :)
Seriously dou lol!
I love you're small fluffy hot and sexy lips.
i probably deserve that ;)
You suck for that :)
lol me poop ;P
i still remember every kiss
Yes i was watching adventure time wile i made this shut up lol
epic face
Damn you ;)
Because you....

once form me
Reason #94
Reason # 105
Reason #113
Because you have beauty full eyes and because your eyes sparkle wen u smile i like that ;)
Because youre akward.
Because your boob are really solf and worm!!!!
Because i love how ur body feels wen its next to mine its like we are meant for each other.
I love how u know me so well,
i secretly some times like it wen u treat me like a lil kid and make baby noises at me
Because my family love u .
Because i love you wild side.
Reason # 184
Because you drive good
Because ur a bad driver....cheater
i love your wild side and im not just talking about climing stuff ;) if u kno what i meen..
Reason # 195
Because u think i look cute and sexy in pjs;
Because your a messy eater i love that!!
Because u all ways know how to make me laughter.
and a perfect smile .;)
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