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Cell Analogy: Football Stadium

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Max Bonda

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy: Football Stadium

The cell wall is like the stadium structure because it is the shape and acts a barrier from the outside world. The cell wall provides and maintains the shape of cells and serves as a protective barrier.
The Cell Wall
Cell Analogy: Football Stadium
The Cell Membrane is like the stadium gates because it is what lets you enter the stadium and controls who enters. Like the cell membrane, it defines the boundary of the cell and has a barrier.
The Cell Membrane
The nucleus is like the coach because the nucleus is the control center of the cell. It directs all cellular activity. The coach is the control center of his team.
The Nucleus
The nuclear membrane controls what enters and leaves the nucleus and the assistant coaches control who goes in on offense, defense and special teams and who sits.
The Nuclear Membrane
The Cytoplasm is like the field because the cytoplasm holds everything together. Just like it, a field hods up the team and what they need to do to play on it.
The Cytoplasm
The mitochondria is like the fans because the mitochondria produces energy for the cell to function and the fans pump up and give the players energy and get them hype.
The Mitochondria
The endoplasmic reticulum is like the stands because it has a network of membranes and there are little tiny dots it. Like this stands, they connect people to one another and they can be considered as the "tiny dots"
The Endoplasmic Reticulum
The vacuole are like the restrooms because the vacuole plays a role in intracellular digestion and the release of cellular waste products and restrooms are a place to release waste.
The Vacuole
The Nucleolus
The nucleolus is like the quarterback coach because it is the structure inside the nucleus what the nucleus needs to survive and if the quarterback coach doesn't coach the quarterback, the team cannot win.
The Golgi Body
The Golgi Body is like the vendors because it takes products from the ER and stores and routes them to parts of the cell. Like the vendors, they store and their merchandise to the fans.
The Chloroplast
The chloroplast is like the concession stands because chloroplast converts light energy to chemical energy and concession stands give energy to the people in food which changes to chemical energy.
The Ribosomes
The Ribosomes is like the quarterback because the ribosomes deliver the proteins to the cells and the quarterback can deliver the ball to his team which can be like the cell working together
The Lysosome
The Lysosome is like the opposing team because the lysosome tries to break down things. The opposing team tries to break down you by getting into your head and trying to outwork you.
The Flagella
The flagella is like the tight end because the flagella is big and moves the cell and the tight end is big and moves the ball down the field.
The Cilia
The Cilia is like the yard line because the cilia ms the cell only with a back and forth motion and the yard line marker is placed either forward or backward.
The Chromatin
The chromatin are like the play calls because they carry instructions so the cell can produce proteins and the play calls carry instructions for the team so they can produce points.
The Chromosomes
The chromosomes are like the play book because it contains genes, and the regulatory elements. It is the hereditary information and instructions in a compact form. The play book has many plays and options for the team to choose and is in a compact form.
The Cytoskeleton
The cytoskeleton is like field maintenance workers because the cytoskeleton helps to maintain the shape and maintain the motility of the field. The workers help the field keep its shape and let it be operational.
The Plastid
The plastid is like the equipment manager because the plastid is the sit of storage and chemical compounds and the equipment manager takes care of all the equipment and stores it.
The Centriole
The centriole is like the construction workers because centrioles play a big role in cell division and the workers had to evenly divide the stadium to make it a complex unit.
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