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Post Colonial Theory: Kite Runner

No description

fola sanya

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Post Colonial Theory: Kite Runner

- Post Colonial Theory is seen many times in the Kite Runner
- America
- Russia
- Taliban
The effects of colonization in America and Afghanistan leave a lasting impact on Baba and Amir.
Baba's experience with Russians in Afghanistan
By: Maria, Fola, Chris, Mario
Post Colonial Theory: Kite Runner
" Tell him he'd better kill me good with that first shot. Because if I don't go down, I'm tearing him to pieces, goddamn his father!" (Hosseini 116)
Baba's view of Russians in America
" The visit with the Pulmonologist, Dr Schneider was going well until Baba asked him where he was from. Dr. Schneider said Russia. Baba lost it"(Hosseini 155)
- Baba has a negative impression on Russians because of his experience in Afghanistan
- Baba's experience with the Russians in Afghanistan influence his views of Russians in America
Baba's political views in America
- Baba disregards the Russians and believes what they did in Afghanistan was unacceptable
- Baba believes Pres. Jimmy Carter did nothing for the situation in Afghanistan

" He loathed Jimmy Carter [...] when the U.S announced it would be boycotting the olympics in Moscow [...] 'wah wah', Baba exclaimed [...] 'Brezhnev is massacring Afghans and all that peanut eater can say is I won't come swim in your pool [...] He's not fit to run this country'"(Hosseini 126).
Baba supports Pres. Ronald Reagan
- Russians further develop Baba's political views in America
- Baba supports Pres. Ronald Reagan
- Believes Russia is the " Evil Empire"
- "Shorawri are the Russians
" When Reagan went on TV and called the Shorawri ' the evil empire', Baba went out and bought a picture of the grinning president giving a thumbs up [...] he framed the picture in the hallway [...] Baba was the lone republican in our building"(Hosseini 126)
Amir in America
- Amir connects better with American culture
- Amir rarely identifies with Afghan culture
" Kabul had become a city of ghosts for me. A city of harelipped ghosts. America was different. America was a river, roaring along, unmindful of the past. I could wade into this water. Let my sins drown to the bottom [...] If for nothing else that, I embraced America"(Hosseini 136)
Amir in America
- Amir finds that embracing the Afghan culture is easier for him in America
- Afghan community in Fremont, Ca is less critical of Amir, including Baba
" I'd get up early some Saturday mornings, and drive south on Highway 17, push the Ford up the winding road through the mountains of Santa Cruz [...] Sitting in the dark next to Hassan, I had always wondered if it was true what I'd read [...] The first time I saw the pacific, I almost cried"(Hosseini 135-136)
Amir in Afghanistan
- People view Amir as an outsider
- People are jealous of Amir because he has freedom
" You still think of this place as your country? ' I think a part of me always will ' , I said, more defensively than I had intended. 'After twenty years of living in America' he said"(Hosseini 231-232)
Amir in Afghanistan
- Colonization affects how people view Amir
"What are you doing with that whore? why aren't you here, with your Muslim brothers, serving your country?"(Hosseini 278)
- Baba and Amir are influenced by colonization in many ways:
- Baba by his experiences in Afghanistan and views in America
- Amir colonized by both America and Afghanistan
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