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Canada history timeline 1713-1814

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Chloe Annesley

on 3 January 2015

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Transcript of Canada history timeline 1713-1814

Canada history timeline 1713-1814
1744-Treaty of Lancaster
1713-Treaty of Utrecht
The Treaty of Utrecht ends Queen Anne's war, confirming british possession of Hudson Bay, Newfoundland and Acadia.
1763-The Treaty of Paris
When france signed the treaty of paris in 1763 it gave Great britian its possessions except the islands of St.Peirre and Miquelon of the coast of Newfoundland.
1756-7 Years War Starts
The 7 Years War started between Great Britain and France.
The British signed a treaty with Iroquis to have everything east of the Appilation mountains and there claim of the Ohio river valley for over 200 lbs of gold.
1759-Seige of Quebec
British took seige of Quebec, June 26 1759. The british transported James Wolfe, he and his army bombarded quebec for two months. On Septmember 13th 1759 4800 of Wolfe's men and 4500 of Montcalm's men fought a 30 minute battle. Five days later Montcalm surrendered.
1763-Proclamation Act
Royal Proclamation of King George III. Boundaries of Quebec were set aloung the St.Lawrence River. The territory beyond the Appalation Mountains was closed to the settlers and traders. It was called the proclamation line. The colonists were forbidden to enter the territory with out permission from the governor.
1774-Intolerable Acts
Boston port act - Britian closed the Boston Harbour
Massachusetts Gov. Act - control of government given to British officials
Quartering Act: It provided the colonist to provide quarters for the soldiers
Impartial Administrative of Justice Act : It removed British officials from the jurisdiction of Massachusetts courts
Quebec Act: Which extended the Canadian border southward to the Ohio River eliminating the colonies claim to the land
1776-Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Bejamin Frankln, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livington draft a declaration of independence, Tomas Jefferson wrote in it to stop slavery but later took it out. It was signed July 4th 1776.
1812- War of 1812 Begins
The war of 1812 between United States and Britain begins.
1814- War of 1812 Ends
The Treaty of Ghent officially ends the war of 1812.
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