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Tone and Mood

No description

Courtney Kolerich

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Tone and Mood

Tone and Mood
Let's look at some examples of different words authors can use to imply the tone.
What is "Mood?"
Mood is the feeling YOU get as the reader.
What is "Tone?"
Tone is the way the AUTHOR feels about the subject they are writing about.
How does the author imply the tone?
The author implies the tone by the precise words they choose to use and the specific connotations of those words
If the author is talking about how a character spoke, what would these words imply?
What about these words?
Implied feeling or meaning, not just the literal definition.
How does the reader infer the mood?
Both the author's tone and the reader's background knowledge and personal experiences create the mood of the story.
Let's look at how the author might write to imply mood.
"In the deep, dark woods..."
What kind of mood does that imply?
How do you know? What were the clues
FEELING words can describe both mood and tone. What are some feeling words you might use to describe mood and tone?
Let's take a look at some examples
What was different in each of these videos and how did it change the tone and mood?
Let's look at a couple more:
Let's see if we can figure out the tone or mood of some pictures now...
Now, let's take a look at some story passages. Keep an eye out for clues to the tone or mood...
"Bouncing into the room, she lit up the vicinity with a joyous glow on her face as she told about her fiancé
and their wedding plans."
"Bursting through the door, the flustered mother screamed uncontrollably at the innocent teacher who gave her child an F."
"She huddled in the corner, clutching her tattered blanket and shaking convulsively, as she feverishly
searched the room for the unknown dangers that awaited her."
"Gently smiling, the mother tenderly tucked the covers up around the child’s neck, and carefully, quietly, left the
room making sure to leave a comforting ray of light shining through the opened door should the child wake"
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