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Introducing The WHY Code

Understanding the drivers behind consumer decisions

Gary Brown

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Introducing The WHY Code

Conscious Choices allow you to analyse decision shortcuts, rational
and post-rationalised criteria Lifestyle Statements allow you to look at how semi-conscious values
drive category and brand usage 193 primal words are
tested on a 7-point scale
including... A factor analysis is then used to create 12 imagery fields... ... which can then be used to analyse the "share of mind" of a particular consumer group... Subconscious Stimuli allows you to connect with consumers’ deep subconscious imagery Social DNA is determined by an individual's combination of 'cultural' and 'economic' capital 100s of TGI variables are used to assess Social DNA 9 mutually-exclusive segments have been created based on the combinations of cultural and economic capital. They have then been mapped... The social DNA map can then be interpreted according to the type of leisure activities most associated with each segment... Social DNA allows you to discover the roots of consumer tastes and preferences Here are examples of how they look in the TGI questionnaire... Examples of Lifestyle Statements Introducing The WHY Code The Evolution of TGI Life Statements
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