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Malaysian Cyber Law & Electronic Government Law

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nur farah emyra badrulhisham

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Malaysian Cyber Law & Electronic Government Law

-Future cyber law must recognise the people development component-crucial for a K-Economy

-Malaysian Government envisions to reinvent governance activities through E-Government project and applications

-Such e-applications inevitably come with legal the reinvention process.
What Is Electronic Government Law ?
Needs For Cyber Law :-
* Integrity and Security Of Information
* Security Of Government Data
* Legal Status Of Online Transactions
* Intellectual Property Rights
* Privacy and Confidentially Of Information
What Is Cyber Law?
-Cyber Law refers to any law relating to protecting the Internet and other online communication technologies.
By :
Nur Farah Emyra
Dwi Puspita Sari
Yip Wei Mun
Presentation ICT
Malaysian Cyber Law & Electronic Government Law
Malaysian Cyber Law & Electronic Government Law
The Cyber Law Acts in Malaysia :-
* Digital Signature Act 1997
* Computer Crime 1997
* Telemedicine Act 1997
Digital Signature Act 1997
- To secures electronic communications especially on the Internet
Computer Crime 1997
- Gives protection againts the misused of the computers and computer criminal activities
Telemedicine Act 1997
- Ensure that only qualified medical practitioners can practice telemedicine and that their patient's rights and interests are protected
References :-
Electronic Government Law
- also known as e-Gov
-Government is working on individual departmental project rather than creating a general framework to take it foward. To controls bloggers and prevent spreading disharmony, choas, seditious material and lies. Ecommerce radically reshape goverment over the next five years.
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