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No description

Ms. Orozco

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Leadership

Title Slide-Leadership
GL P1- Ms. Orozco
SWABAT define leader ship and give examples
To global leadership
from ms orozco
learning goal 1
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Step 1- Attention Grabber...Picture, quote, amazing shocking fact, song lyric etc...
Step 1- Continued--Introduction-
Leadership definition in your own words
Three quotes about Leadership
Step 5
Video on Leadership
Step 6
Choose a leader from the past and
say why you think they were
a good leader!
Insert an image of them
You can use dictionary.com or do your own
research on definitions of leadership.
You will design your OWN definition for your Prezi.
Step 2- Make a Claim
Step 3- Example What is an example of a goal?
You can use one of your own goals or a goal of someone else. It should be meaningful and measurable.
Step 4
Step 7
Give at least five pieces of information
about their childhood. Try to find interesting
facts that are uncommon if you can.
Accomplishments Step-#8
Step 9 -Support your Claim
with Evidence
Make a claim about goals..What do you think about Leadership and Goals?
What were their goals?
How did setting goals help them be successful?

Name three things they accomplished in their lifetime.
Site one piece of evidence from your web research about how setting a goal helped this person's
Final Step 10!
Write a paragraph conclusion how you think goals are related to leadership and success.
Zinger! Later!
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