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Water Pollution by Angela M, Kate M, and Mihika D

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Shannon Cross

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Water Pollution by Angela M, Kate M, and Mihika D

Water Pollution by Mihika, Kate M, and Angela M.
What is the problem?
2. problem
One of the issues with water pollution is that when farmers use pesticides these chemicals leak into our water supplies. This harms animals and people. They kill healthy organisms.
Changing climate patterns threaten lakes, rivers, and drinking water. It is effected by global warming, which is caused by water pollution. It also effects the animals who live in the water.
4. problem
Unpredicted flooding will change the water, because when there are floods in cities, it sometimes pulls somethings back in the water.The water gets polluted by all the substances that are in the water.
How does water pollution effect the world?
Water pollution effect the world because if water is polluted, animals can become extinct and that effects the food chain. Once it gets to humans we could die out.
When water becomes contaminated by substances that it can't break down; it is water pollution.

3. problem
5. problem
Some countries will face a high risk of water shortages by mid centuries, as a result to water pollution to all kinds of water pollution.
6. problem
When people pollute the water, some animals think the liter is food and they eat it, then choke on the liter, and they die.
7. problem
When people throw pills down the drain, it goes in a body of water, and becomes pollution.
How does Water pollution effect the world
Most people don't take water pollution seriously and don't care much about it. But it probably affect them later in their life. More water pollution will make more air pollution because some water pollution will evaporate into the air and turn into air pollution.
What can you do to conserve water?
With extra water, don't pour it down the drain, water a plant.
What can you do to conserve water?
Use a broom instead of a hose to clean things.
Wash your pet outdoors, where your lawn needs to be watered.
When you give your pets new water, don't throw the old water out; water a plant.
More Ways to conserve water
Take showers instead of baths.
Grolier Go
Britannica School
Brain Pop
NRDC Water
Encyclopedia of Earth
Water Use it Wisely
Chemical water pollution
Nutrients Pollution
Surface Water pollution
Oil Spillage
Sewage and Waste Water
Ocean and Marine Dumping
Underground Storage and Tube Leakages
And Much More.
Types of Water Pollution
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