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NCLCA 2015

No description

Jon Mladic

on 17 October 2015

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Transcript of NCLCA 2015

Resources for Learning Services Coordinators
(aka "so what?")
Mission statement
Tutor observation form
Tutor self-evaluation form
Tutor evaluation form
Tutor outcomes
Training lesson kits
Tutors Who Soar Into Their Futures
Managing Tutors Toward Outcomes

Tutor Outcomes Data
(open ended portion of survey)
Group Activity
Focus for a few minutes on what you want your tutors to get out of the experience of being a tutor.

What skills do you want your long-term tutors to have when they graduate? What skills has your ideal tutor honed by serving in this role?

As a group, create a list of 5 skills your whole group believes someone learns or improves by being a tutor.
Resume Examples
Relevant Background Information
CRLA certified tutor training program (level one)
Staff: six programmatic Learning Services Coordinators who hire, train, manage, observe, and evaluate all tutors within their School(s)
All tutors are work-study students (peer tutors)
All new hires enroll in a four-week graded, non-credit, online tutor training course (runs four times a year)
Tutors complete training for CRLA certification via live webinars led by Learning Services Staff (facilitated ~40-50 training webinars over the last year)
2014 NCLCA Innovative Use of Technology Award
Jon Mladic
Associate Dean of Learning Services
Rasmussen College

Collaboration with Career Services
Career Services presentation to graduating or job-seeking tutors ("Speaking to Your Skills")
Prior to, reviewed our tutor job description tutor trainings
An opportunity for Career Services to begin working earlier on with (a very receptive audience of) future graduates

Primary Competencies
"Through the experience of tutoring, students increase their strengths in skills that translate to their future careers. These abilities primarily fall into the categories of: interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, and organizational skills.

Learning Services Coordinators manage tutors with the goal of helping them become as equipped as possible for career success after graduation."
Describe the varying components of our tutor outcomes work and how we measured them
Share the steps of our process so attendees can easily customize and replicate
Share resources so attendees can easily customize and replicate

Handouts available (a copy of the survey, phrases for job applications / interviews)
Why focus on tutor outcomes?
Sample phrasings for qualification, employment history, and training sections of a resume (based on knowledge of our training program)
Potential Takeaways
Outcomes survey for new / graduating tutors
Career Services partnership opportunity for graduating tutors
Internal development of tutor outcomes / competencies of graduating tutors

Competency Scores
Organizational: 1.40 Interpersonal: 1.49 Problem-solving: 1.45
Individual Skill Scores (Strengths and Opportunities)
Tutor Outcomes Data
In what areas have you grown since becoming a tutor?
Are there skills you honed as a tutor that will be particularly helpful to you in your future career?
Was there any specific training or other experience you had as a tutor that you found especially meaningful to your growth?
Tutor Outcomes Data
Opportunities for Improvement
1 - Strong Agree / Very confident / Very comfortable
2 - Agree / confident / comfortable
3 - Somewhat agree / confident / comfortable
4 - Disagree / Not confident / Very uncomfortable
(all questions must have the same number of response options)
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