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The Universe

No description

Laura Boettcher

on 5 August 2017

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Transcript of The Universe

The Solar System
Hello, welcome to my journey into the universe. I will show you every planet in our galaxy. Are you ready?
The Sun
The sun is a star. It is the center of the solar system. The sun makes huge balls of light and heat. The light travels to Earth and makes life in Earth possible.
Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. This makes it the hottest planet. But at night Mercury gets very, very cold.
Mercury is a small, dry planet. Its dusty surface has many big holes. They were made by crashing asteroids and comets.

Venus is about the same size as Earth. A thick layer of yellow clouds surround Venus. The clouds hide the planet's surface.
Earth is the third planet in our solar system. We live in the rocky crust of Earth. Soil covers part of the crust. Most of the planet is covered with water.
A layer of air surround Earth and living beings breathe air. It makes life on Earth possible.
Mars is called the red planet. Like Earth Mars is made out of rock. Scientists believe that Mars had life because it has ice under it. Mars also has the biggest volcano in our solar system.
Jupiter has a mark called the Great Red spot. In that area, there is a great storm going on for thousands of years!!! Jupiter has 16 moons.
Our Galaxy
We live in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Romans and the Greeks thought that the universe was made out of milk, that's why it is called THE MILKY WAY GALAXY.
By Laura
Saturn is the sixth planet in the Solar system and, when seen through a telescope, by far the most beautiful. The bright globe of Saturn is surrounded by rings which may be composed of ice. Three of these rings are visible from the Earth using a telescope.
Its blue-green colors come from the planet's gases. Uranus spins like the other planets, but the planet is tilted. Scientists believe that Uranus is tillted because a meteoroid hit it so hard that it made Uranus tilted.
Neptune is very far from Uranus. It is covered by thick clouds. There always had been a storm going on called The Great Black Spot. This storm covers an area the size of Earth.
Pluto is the last planet in our solar system. It is the farthest planet from the sun. Pluto has only one moon. But it is almost the size of Pluto!!! Pluto is not considered a planet anymore because it is too far from the sun and too small.
The Milky Way Galaxy is only one tiny bit of an extraordinary universe. !!!
The Big Bang Theory
Scientists say that our universe started as a very, very, very small universe. But all of a sudden something in it exploded and created our wonderful solar system.
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Black Holes
Black holes are acctually stars that exploded. It sucks everything in its path. Not even light can escape!!! Luckilly we are not near a black hole.
The Moon
The moon orbits the sun. It is a satellite. A satellite is when something orbits something else. The moon has phases. Because as the moon orbits earth, it switches positions.
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