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differences between chemical and physical change

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theresa Sauer

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of differences between chemical and physical change

Sarah edge 5D
differences between chemical and physical change
chemical changes
some chemical changes are rust,burning logs,and medicine in water .
when does a chemical change happen
physical change
physical change does not change any element{s} properties
chemical change
the chemical change can act differently and change the product completely.
a chemical change happens when one subtsance changes into a completly different substance or item.
chemical equation
a chemical equation looks like this
oo+o=water or H2O
h2 O
reactants and products
reactants and products are similar because the reactants are the finished item or substance of the product.
how can we use chemical properties to seperate mixtures or compounds?
we can use them to seperate them by
heating or cooling objects. like heating sugar you get carmel because they break apart.
scott forsman science book
and google
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