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International business

Abdulaziz Ashurov

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Globalization

Globalization By Ashurov Abdulaziz
20126261 2012 / 09 / 22 Electric Alarm Clock (China) Britain Broadcast Made in Indonesia Indian product American Eagle Jeans (Mexico) Iphone 4s (USA) Toyota Camry (Russia) Korean Music Group Columbian coffee Ethiopian cofee beans Canadian Proud Hamburger International Business any commercial transaction that crosses the borders of two or more nations Import Goods and services purchased abroad and brought into a country Export Goods and services sold abroad and sent out of a country E-business / E-commerce the use of computer networks to purchase, sell or exchange products, service customers, and collaborate with partners Singapore Idea for product (Singapore) 1 Concept approving 2 Concept design 3 Houston Engineering design 4 Taiwan China India Australia HP ProLiant ML150 Content: Globalization on Markets and Production Forces driving Globalization Debate over Globalization Key Players in International Business Global Business Environment Globalization - the trend toward greater economic, cultural, political, and technological interdependence among national institutions and economies Denationalization - national boundaries becoming less relevant Internationalization - entities cooperating across national boundaries (Privatization) "Globalization - well beyond the links that bind corporations, traders, financiers, and central bankers. It provides a conduit not only for ideas, but also for processes of coordination and cooperation used by terrorists, politicians, religious leaders, anti-globalization activists, and bureaucratic alike" Moises Naim, "Post-terror Surprises", Foreign Policy (www.foreignpolicy.com) Business Area Globalization
of Markets Globalization of Production Globalization of markets refers to convergence in buyer preferences in markets around the world Global products - products marketed in all countries essentially without
any changes Benefits of globalization of markets: Reduce Marketing Costs Companies can reduce costs by standardizing certain marketing activities. A company can make an identical product for the global market and then simply design different packaging to account for the language spoken in each market New Market Opportunities A company can explore opportunities abroad if the home market is small 240 mln users (18%) 153 mln users (70%) Google Yahoo! www.google.cn www.cn.yahoo.com Levels Uneven Income Streams A company can use international sales to level its income stream The company can reduce wide variations in sales between seasons and steady its cash flow. A firm can match product distribution with the summer seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres in alterning fashion, so it can profit from these global markets. Local needs Managers must monitor the match between the firm's products and markets to not overlook the needs of buyers Beef in India Globalization of Production about $15 trillion exports by all nations each year in Korean in Arabic Access Lower cost workers EU USA India 60% minimize costs Access Technological Expertize for animation Access Production Inputs Japan China Vietnam Mexico CAN USA AUS input cost Forces driving Globalization Falling barriers to trade and investment Technological Innovations 1947 1994 1993 GATT GATT 's purpose is the "substantial reduction of tariffs and other trade barriers and the elimination of preferences, on a reciprocal and mutually advantageous basis." WTO 1. to help the free flow of trade
2. to help negotiate the further opening of markets
3. to settle trade disputes between its members Goals: Regional Trade Agreements NAFTA EU APEC Technological Innovations Job and Wages Labor and environmental regulations Income inequality National sovereignty Cultures Globalization on Debate Globalization's Impact on Jobs and Wages Eliminate jobs Lower wages Exploit workers Increase wealth and efficiency Generate labor markets flexibility Advance economies Labor Standards Environmental Protection Future Markets Income Inequality Inequality within nations Inequality between nations Global Inequality National sovereignty Autonomous It can freely select its government It can not intervene in the affairs of other nations It can control movements across its borders It can enter into binding international agreements Influence to Cultures Key players in International business Multinational Corporations Small Businesses Globalization International National Firm Analizing Opportunities Marketing Products Managing Employees International Trade Regional Economic Integration International Financial Markets Cultural Business Emerging markets Business Ethics Thank You
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