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Peyton Manning Biography Project

No description

Hannah Maze

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Peyton Manning Biography Project

By: Hannah Mayse
Longo 3 Peyton Manning Facts About Peyton: *Peyton Lee Manning born on March 24, 1976
*Played for the Indianapolis Colts for 14 seasons (1998-2011)
*Played college football for the University of Tennessee
*He now plays for the Denver Broncos
*Peyton and Eli (his younger brother) face each other in NFL football and Peyton has won both times
*For both Colts and Broncos, he has been the quarterback
*He was awarded as NFL MVP in 2003 The Manning Family How Did Peyton Influence the World? Our Connection Peyton Manning is an idol to me because he is a great guy all around. He played for the Indianapolis Colts which are an amazing team now because of what he started. He lead them to a Super Bowl and they won. When I was younger I wanted to be just like him because I wanted to play football for the Colts. One year for Halloween I dressed up as him with the pads and everything. He has made a big impact on my life because if anything knocks him down he gets right back up and that is something I learned from him because I used to always stay down but now it doesn't bother me! Importance of Peyton Manning Peyton is important to this world because he was with the Colts for so long that he made an impact on the team because they have never had that great of a quarterback. When the Colts released him after his surgeries, everyone was so sad. A lot of people have his jersey, including me, because all of the quarterbacks want to be like him. Manning is like an Albert Pujols in baseball. A great player and does great things for the team and society. 2 New Facts I learned from Peyton *When he decided to play for the University of Tennessee for college, he got hate letters and people telling him to go break an arm because they wanted him to play at Ole Miss where his dad played.
*His brother, Cooper, made a huge impact on his life. Cooper was diagnosed with Stenosis and couldt play sports anymore. Peyton realized how fortunate he was to be able to pursue his football career. Now he looks at life at a whole new perspective. From left to right-Archie, Peyton, Cooper, and Eli. Not pictured is Olivia which is their mom. Peyton Manning influenced the world by showing that if something knocks you down, then get back up and stay strong. Manning had surgery on his neck recently to relieve neck and shoulder pain from throwing the football so much. Peyton underwent another surgery and was not able to play the 2011 season. He was very upset because he had never missed a game and now he had to miss a whole season! Now he is back in action and doing great with his shoulder! Helping out the Broncos on starting new things and everyone is proud of Peyton and what he has done for NFL. Determination is what Peyton has in his heart and mind! Archie, Peyton, and Eli all following eachothers footsteps in football. Thank you for taking the time and watching my Prezi! Peyton is currently with the Broncos.
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