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Social Business Presentation

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scarlett tam

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Social Business Presentation

Seriousness of Problem
Who are we?
Social problem
Why Rural Electrification?
Why should we win ?
Social Value Proposition
Entrepreneurial Idea and Approach
Potential tangible impact
Potential for replication and growth
Potential for effecting systemic change
Venture Business Model
Thank you
employment rate
Lower rate of diseases
economic growth
The use of electronic appliances
Decrease health problems and disease
Increase birth rate
Societal Change
Improve efficiency and productivity.
Improve the literacy
Mali is living in the dark!
Only 10% of Mali remains forested, soon there will be no biomass resources left
Hunger and drought
Only 24% of Malians have electricity
92% of workers in Mali work without electricity
Malians are dying from kerosene emissions
Create a solar corporation within Mali
Partner with Amader to help fund projects
Help train and educate local villages on Solar Power
Lack of electricity forces slow labor productivity
Only 13% of rural areas in Mali have electricity.
Low labor cost

Sustainability with
Water cannot be pumped and filtrated fast enough
Tons of Impact, few inputs!
RE4M provides electricity for rural villages through the use of solar panels which are affordable and simple to install, for the Malian population, and thereby creates added value by generating more jobs for the agricultural industry, efficient ways to do business for rural entrepreneurs, provides Malians with access to large amounts of purified water supplies and protects the environment from deforestation, unlike other efforts currently being explored by the Malian government.
Mali is depleting all of their biomass resources
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