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Evaluating Information

Overview of evaluating reference sources

Helen Westwood

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Evaluating Information

Evaluating Information There are many types of information Library Information
News Sites
Personal pages
Political sites
Company sites
Social networking sites
Much more ... The 5 Criteria for Evaluating Information Authority
Coverage Authority Objectivity Date Coverage The 5 criteria work with other
forms of information as well Family
Radio 1. Is the purpose of the site to inform?
2. Is it clear who the intended audience is?
3. Is the information balanced showing little bias?
4. Is the site free of advertising?
5. Is the site sponsored by a reputable organization? 1. Can you identify the author?
2. Does the author appear to be qualified?
3. Is the publisher or sponsoring organization identified and reputable?
4. Is the site's domain .ac.uk, .org.uk, or .gov.uk?
5. Is contact information given for the author and/or publisher? Accuracy 1. Can this information be verified in another source?
2. Are references listed? If so, are they reputable?
3. Is the text grammatically correct? Are words spelled correctly? 1. Is the date the article, page, or site was created identified?
2. Is the date the page was last updated identified?
3. Is the information on the page current?
4. Do you need recent information for your research? 1. Is the information that you need available on the site?
2. Does the site have enough information for your research?
3. Are there links to additional sources of information?
4. Is the site open to everyone (no fees, passwords, or registration required)?
5. Is the site organized and easy to navigate?
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