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From Post-Secondary to Meaningful Career

CACEE 2013

Susan forseille

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of From Post-Secondary to Meaningful Career

From Post-Secondary Education to Meaningful Career
Mixed Methods Project
Literature Review
So What?
For Students
For Your Organization
I noticed some BA graduates seemed to attach themselves to the labour market very easily, while others really struggled...

Was there something we could learn from these alumni that we could pass onto current and future students?

What are the variables that influence this transition?
The Research Project
Literature Review
Over 110 sources
Over 50 variables identified

126 completed surveys (90 questions)
15 interviews
Career Maps

What do you think?
One More Level of Analysis
Ties it All Together...

Labour Market
Somewhat important...

Luck and Happenstance
Also plays a role

Yet different variables rose to the top...
So What?

Susan Forseille
Thompson Rivers University

(SPSS - factor analysis, principle component method, and a multiple linear regression analysis)
7. Luck, happenstance and kairos
"It is like our education is a diving board: through our course work we slowly make our way to the end of the platform, where we are expected to dive or jump into our career... but we don't know how to dive, if we can swim, or if there is even water in the pool?" (TRU Student, 2009)
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