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Copy of Personal Recount

No description

Madeline Lim

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Personal Recount

Writing a Personal Recount What makes a good recount? Introduction Description Dialogue Flashback Lesson learned Verbs in simple past tense A Recount is: Descriptive Writing: Absolutely necessary! What's a recount? What did you gain from the whole experience? We laid the last of our little black eggs on the optical answer sheet and sat waiting, impatiently, as the invigilators harvested them. At a nod of the chief invigilator's head, we burst out of the clammy hall into the sunlight, cheering and whooping. We were finally free!

Do not forget to orientate reader "Hey, queue up!"
I shouted indignantly at the boy who had just cut in front of me in the queue at the chicken rice stall.
"No, why should I?" He turned his back on me, abruptly incensing me.

Be careful of overuse The familiar, comforting smell of Grandma's chicken soup wafted towards me as I neared her house. At that same instant, a wave of nostalgia overwhelmed me as I retraced my steps on that fateful day.
Be careful of tenses
Be careful of use of ellipses: '...' Orientation What is your point of telling the story? Conclusion Reflection: Through the entire episode, it dawned on me that I cannot take my friends and family for granted. All of them have shaped me into the person I am today, and the way I came so close to losing my friends today reminded me of the fragility of human relationships. From hereon, I will constantly remind myself to show my appreciation and love to those who have invested so much in me. Task! Create a word splash of 'Fear'. Clear chronological order The reader should not have trouble following the sequence of events.
Use of time connectors: After, when, then, before that...
Use of first person pronoun: I, my, mine, we, our, us Setting
Should be clear by the end of your first paragraph. Remember the Oreo cookie experience? Show, don't tell! I shouted to him
We decided to make camp there
I slept soundly that night.

Why? Although both can have a storyline, it is not necessary for recounts.
Although both can be in the first person point of view, it is necessary for recounts. Recount vs Narrative Develop a storyline. Write a recount about an occasion when you were afraid. An account of a particular experience
Not factual; infuse it with your emotions and thoughts
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