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Life on the Ice

No description

Nicole Nichter

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Life on the Ice

Building Background
Life on the Ice
The Earth has two poles:
How do people stay warm?
The North Pole is COLD!
Would YOU ever live in the arctic??
Climate is what the weather is like all the time for one place on earth.
What is climate?
What is the
What do scientists study in the arctic?
Earth's Rotation
Watch the video to see what summer is like in the North Pole! Does the sun ever set?
How do people get to the north pole?
The North Pole
The South Pole
Brainpop s/n: Ellicott
Password: school
What is Buffalo's climate?
What is Yemen's climate?
What is Thailand's climate?
What are ICEBERGS?
Icebergs are pieces of ice that are floating in the ocean.
Check out the skis on the plane!
Tell a buddy why or why not!
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