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PB 2017 - Waltzing with WIOA

No description

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of PB 2017 - Waltzing with WIOA

Why the Dance?
Waltzing With WIOA & Swinging With Strong Workforce
Jesse Crete, AEBG Special Projects Director
Esther Landin, AEBG Workforce Development SP Manager
Christina Ryan Rodriguez, AEBG CTE SP Manager

Choosing the Right Partner
OC Workforce Development Board/GG One-Stop
Adult Education + WIOA Title I
The Steps
Garden Grove One-Stop Center
Entry/Re-entry Strategy

CDCP approved curriculum: Fundamental Computer Concepts & Skills Certificate

Matching the "right" instructor to create a community of care for students to learn

Built in lab time

Offering 4 courses
Expanding the Dance
Adding New Steps...
Increase partnerships with WIOA funded programs to offer off-site CTE courses

Offer professional development to regional partners regarding WIOA implementation to create best practices
For more information about our dance....
Please contact:
Jesse Crete, AEBG Special Projects Director
jcrete@sce.edu 714.462.9579

Esther Landin, AEBG Workforce Development SP Manager
elandin@sce.edu 714.462.9115

Christina Ryan Rodriguez, AEBG CTE/I-BEST SP Manager
cryanrodriguez@sce.edu 714.462.9131
Rethinking & Redesigning Adult Education...
Swinging with Strong Workforce
Orange County Regional Plan
LA/OC Regional Consortium

Seamless Noncredit to Credit Transition

Collaboration between Adult Education and
Community Colleges

Fill gaps in Labor Market

Certificate and Degree Attainment

Alignment with OC WIOA Regional Plan
Collaboration between Adult Education and Workforce.

Access to workforce training for Adult Education students.

Access to Community College and lifelong learning opportunities.
Workforce Development & Career Pathways
Swinging with Strong Workforce
California Community College Chancellor's Office
$200M Statewide allocation

60% allocated to Community College Districts

40% allocated to Regional Consortia

More and Better CTE

Fill gaps in the Labor Market

Alignment with WIOA

Why the Dance?
Systems Approach
Increased collaboration

Leverage resources

Streamline access to services

Improve quality of services

Comprehensive regional effort

Shared performance and data

A Different Kind of Waltz
Workforce Development & Career Pathways
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