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sibylLINE court

No description

Kimberly Sandridge

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of sibylLINE court

setting the stage for your presentation
Visual Strategy
Visual Strategy
Visual Strategy
Visual Strategy
from "script" to scene
meet the cast
Kimberly meets personally with your team early in the life-cycle of the case
to learn about your project and
visual needs and understand
your presentation style.
"script" review
sibylLINE reviews your documents
and provides feedback on the effectiveness of the visuals you
have developed to date along with ideas you have for new visuals.
design set & props
sibylLINE provides strategic visual recommendations for improving existing visuals and creating new ones. sibylLINE will design a program for your visual platform with a consistent color palette
and fonts, icons for recurring themes, and templates for frequently used slides.
ready for the stage
sibylLINE can produce all of your graphics or work flexibly with
your existing graphics team
(e.g., your firm's in-house team, your client's in-house team, or your usual outside team).
What happens backstage?

sibylLINE offers flexible client solutions for visual consulting on a project-by-project basis or on a retainer agreement. So whether you need just one graphic for a presentation or you need a comprehensive visual strategy for a multi-week trial, sibylLINE is with you from script to stage.
The Resolution
Why would you hire sibylLINE as another, outside consultant?
Know Your Audience
Law firms may not rely on expert visual consulting for a number of reasons. Sometimes a careful visual strategy is seen as a luxury that clients do not want to pay for. For large, multi-week cases it can be hard to predict or control the budget, especially with inevitable
last-minute changes to the graphics. Finally, lawyers may find it tedious to maintain working relationships with different visual consultants from one case to the next.

Yet in-house solutions typically do not lead to the best performance. A firm's design team may be skilled in graphic design but is not usually trained to anticipate how juries or judges will respond to demonstratives. Associates and paralegals may be rerouted from the legal work they are trained to do. Smaller cases, hearings, arbitration, and pro bono matters may be overlooked altogether.

sibylLINE Visual Consulting overcomes all of these challenges
by working personally and efficiently with all the members of the legal team to set the stage for a compelling performance time and time again.
The Conflict
Kimberly Sandridge

Mapping a journey adds geographical data. Large stars at the most important destinations and smaller stars at other stops prioritize the data. The next challenge for this map would be to summarize events at each stop using an icon. The duration of each leg of the journey could be represented by giving the lines between each stop different weights (e.g., thicker lines for longer voyages, thinner lines for short trips).
Four members of a group exchange information in multiple ways, but the initial sketch does not tell anything about the sequence of communications, who was (or was not) privy to information, or if there was a starting or stopping point for communications. The visual strategy identifies John as the starting point, denotes the direction of communication via color-coded arrows, indicates a person being bypassed via dotted lines, and tracks the number of communications.
Timelines can narrate a sequence of events in many contexts, but often these timelines become crowded with too much text and cluttered with chronology even when the timing is not the takeaway message. It is thus necessary to decide what to emphasize on a timeline (e.g., key events, frequency of some activity, correlations, geography) and the best way to achieve that emphasis. The initial sketch shows an abstraction of a typical, text-based timeline. The visual strategy emphasizes the data by season using dots and categorizes the data using color-coding.
Venn diagrams are easy to draw but can oversimplify relationships. The initial sketch shows three equivalent ovals with overlapping areas of equal size (e.g., three prior art patents). In contrast, the visual strategy contains the smaller, violet circle inside the larger, purple circle to show that one category (e.g., patent) is a subset of the other. The dotted rule further emphasizes this relationship, and the different hues of purple show relatedness. The small, pink circle is an outlier so this patent should not be grouped with the rest of the prior art.
Strategic graphics are not a luxury; they are a necessity. Every audience from TV viewers to students in a classroom expects visual aids. An initial sketch contains all of the right content but only the legal team understands how it works. In-house graphics may illustrate a legal understanding of the materials but not resonate with a new audience. Even simple visuals can communicate persuasively.
when strategy needs art(work)
Kimberly Sandridge, President and Founder of sibylLINE, brings 16 years of visual consulting and over a decade of experience developing strategies for litigation presentations based on feedback from mock trial research sessions across the country.
Since 2000 she has consulted on over 225 litigation matters, including antitrust, asbestos, banking, construction, contract, employment, insurance, patent (especially pharmaceutical and software), products liability (especially pharmaceutical), professional malpractice, securities, toxic tort, and white collar crime.
sibylLINE Visual Consulting, LLC
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