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Struggling with moral evil: SIN

No description

Maria Anonet Castillo

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Struggling with moral evil: SIN

Hinders us from truly loving God, others and even ourselves
Core of bullying, name calling, sexual abuse, marital infidelity,backbiting, academic dishonesty, corruption and other forms of social injustice
Originating Sin
Tells us the God is not the source of sin
Originated sin
"Kasalanang Mana"
Original Sin
The sinful act of our parents (the originating sin)
Struggling with moral evil:
Exists in the world not because of God but because of our abuse of our freedom
the consequences of this sinful act (the originated sin)
Ancestral Sin
First sinful act of our first biblical parents (Adam and Eve
Sin of the world
We inherit the effects of the first sin
1. Concuspience
- inner attraction to sin
- attracted to thing and acts that run counter to truly love God and others
Originated Sin
2. Sin of the world
- not only disturb the inner dispositions of all individuals but also affect all levels of human relationships
The sinful act of our first parents
(Originating Sin)

The sinful condition resulting from it that we experience
(Originated Sin)
Within ourselves
In the world
( Sin of the World)
Capital sins

- lie at root of many sinful acts
Personal Sin

- form of an impure thought
- a false or hurtful word, or an evil deed.
Social sin
- a negative moral or failure to act
-an example is dicrimination
-rooted in personal sins
Capital Sins
- Exalting oneself beyond what is due and true
- Disordered desire for or inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure
- Destructive aggressiveness
- Excessive indulgence in food or drink
- Begrudging others their talents or success and wishing them evil
- Desiring what belongs to others, which leads to dishonesty, stealing, and injustice
- Laziness and escape from exerting due effort
- is the sacrament of healing through which we experience God's forgiveness for sins committed after Baptism and for which we are truly repentant.

- A powerful way by which we can open ourselves to God's gift of healing
- Moving celebration of God's love and mercy
An example of Reconciliation is the Parable of the Lost Son. Even though what the younger son did was shameful and scandalous, still the father forgive and accept his son wholeheartedly. The younger son also realized that he had lost a lot of things and repent for his sins.
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