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DPI and Screen Resolution; megapixels and image resolution

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Fanny chavez-lopez

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of DPI and Screen Resolution; megapixels and image resolution

DPI measurement in printing -

DPI and Screen Resolution; megapixels and image resolution

*Is a measure of how many dots(pixels) fit per inch on an image.
*The closer and the more pixels per inch(square) in a picture the better the quality and detailed it will be

Image resolution
The amount of detail an image contains and can be measured in different ways.

*The images are made out of pixels .
*The fewer pixels on a image the less detail the output will be which is called
low resolution
Screen resolution
High Resolution-IS when you have more quality in an image and it's more clear to see.
Are one million pixels
The more megapixels is better but they are paired

Examples: I a camera they are strong depeding on the camera lens and on the pixels it contains
Low Resolution- Is when you have very few pixels in an image which makes the image not as detailed.
Examples of Screen resolution devices :
*Televsions , computers ,tablets , smartphones , projectors and camaras.

Examples of Megapixels
Any device with a camera contains megapixels.
Largest amount of megapixels: 500, on the dark energy camera designed to take pictures in space.
Least amount of megapixels: 4.
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