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Renee Schley

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of PIERRE DE FERMAT

Pierre's eduacational backround.
Pierre went to a local highschool in southern france.After he graduated he went to the University of Orleans.Pierre studied law,and graduate with a degree in civil law.
contributions to math
he is best known for his legend Fermat's last contribution to math.(1637) which states that for natural numbers x,y, and z there is no natural number n greater than 2 for which xn + yn = zn is true.
Pierre de Fermat's lifespan
Pierre was born August 17,1601 near Montauban France.

Pierre unfortunately died at the age of 63 from the plague on January 12,1665.
Pierre de Fermat's family
Spouse: Louise Long Fermat
Father:Dominique Fermat
Mothers:his mother was either Claire Nee De Long or Francoise Cazeneueve Fermat (nobody knows who his birth mother really is but it could be either of these women)
Pierre de fermat worked with The Analaylatic Geometry,Number theory, mathtamatical analysis, theory of probability,and optics.
Dominique Fermat
Dominique Fermat was a wheat cattle,and leather merchant.He also held fourth position of one of four consuls of Beaumont de Lomagne.
cool facts
Pierre de fermat was fluent in latin,greek,italian and spanish.he wrote his work in many different languages.
The de in his name is because he was ''promoted'' to the fourth counsel and he was given the de in his name which means he is of higher class.
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