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How much gas will your favorite beverage-produce??

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Tyree Scott

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of How much gas will your favorite beverage-produce??

Controlled Variable
The amount of beverage being used only use 1/2 cup of each.
The purpose of my project is to find out which beverages produces the most gas in your stomach.
During the experiment after five minutes nothing happens. Then i waited for another 15 minutes and the bottle with the milk started to inflate a little. At the end of the experiment, the milk was up but the pop started inflating. The water and juice didn't inflate at all.
How much gas will your favorite beverage-produce??
I predict that pop would inflate faster than the water, milk, and juice. The reason I chose pop is because i thought vinegar woulthen the other beverages.
1. plastic bottles
2. balloons
3. vinegar
4. measuring spoon
5. measuring cup
6. water, pop, milk, and juice
1. Pour an equal amount of each beverage plastic bottles.
2. Mix a couple teaspoons of vinegar into each beverage. The vinegar will represent your stomach's acid.
3. Blow-up and release the air in the balloon for each bottle. This will stretch the balloons so they are more easily inflated.
4. Stretch the open end of the balloon over the opening of each bottle.
5. Place the bottles on a warm heating pot.
6. Start your timer and watch balloon inflated first.
Which beverages produces the most gas in your stomach?
Independent variable
The type of beverage - water, pop, milk, juice.
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