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No description

michael motley

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Etiquette

Double click anywhere & add an idea Etiqutte Etiqquette-
An act of behavior that is perfomed during a ceremonial or formal dinner!

Proper table settings
is required for an
outstanding way to
present a formal
I think that manners and
well behavior is a VERY big
factor in fine dining and fancy
eating! Sanitation and cleanliness
could help you in the improve
your Etiqquette skills.......
Manners, behavoir, and cleanliness
is all thats needed in becoming a
successful diner. Manners require a wide range of social interactions....Manners are the number one basic of etiquttence. Etiquttence is dependent...
on culture! Proper poster...... is required! MANNERS POSTURE TIME ESSENCE RESPECT HONOR WORDZ>>> of Etiquttence
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