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Multi R IT

Environmentally friendly IT asset management services throughout Australia & New Zealand

Valerie Taylor

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Multi R IT

Incoming Shipment Dashboard
Incoming Shipment Return Detail
Shipment returns are entered awaiting warehouse receipt by admin.
The incoming shipment return report is defined by customer name, return number and/or the site returned from.
All detail stays with the asset for the life of that asset in terms of future reporting.

We create of unique barcodes by shipment based on shipment quantity. Multi Manager enables Management view of assets received and yet
to be audited – basically a queue of work to be done.

Asset management
Multi Manager
manage all Drop Downs - Item Catagories, Make List, Type etc etc
The system also manage warehouse bin locations for ease of picking. Assets or pallets can be scanned from one bin location to another. Full stock take ability whereby all assets are scanned in no particular order generating a report of scanned and “missing” assets and where they should physically be located.

Multi Manager
creates an overall warehouse view of shipments expecting to come in, expected quantity and return customer name. All screens like this in the database can be “drilled down” or filtered by customer, return site, return number or date range for ease of viewing.

Multi Manager
is an asset management system that lies at the heart of Multi R IT's ability to provide such high levels of logistics and project management, as well as accurate reporting for its clients. The system track, measure and control the entire lifecycle of an IT asset.

Multi Manager
also allows customer specific asset numbers can also be captured.
All asset detail including serial number are collected, all fields can be captured as either mandatory, free text or only if required. We scan detail where possible, drop downs by asset type managed in the following Administration Screen

Asset Detail

Asset Detail Entry "Screen"
The files below are examples of reports produced via the fully flexible report writer in our asset management system, MultiManager. Reports can:
Be generic or specific to customer requirements;
Use any of the 175 fields in the database, including several customer-specified fields;
Have field names automatically mapped to your requirements, so reports reflect your business. E.g. asset number field could become "Company ID Number";
Be pre-sorted with multiple sort levels to your specific requirements (e.g. New/Used > Item Type > Condition > Status, etc);
Be uploaded from MultiManager to this web site so that when you login you have secure access to your own reports; That could be hourly, daily or your choice = accurate, timely information.
Multi Manager
has a robust SQL/.Net database that provides for the electronic scanning of asset data to reduce errors, automate certain functions and connect electronically to suppliers and customers. It has built in audit security such that receipt of each scanned asset is time-stamped, signed and reportable on through each subsequent step. Changes to any record are logged down to the user who made the change and the time it was changed, providing a complete audit history and minimising opportunities for fraud or inaccurate reporting.

A key feature of
Multi Manager
is the extremely flexible report builder allowing it to produce and distribute electronically almost any report that might be required by a customer. Essentially, any field within the system can be included in a report, in any order, and reports can be produced ad-hoc or according to specified times/schedules.

Multi Manager
has a number of features that allow it to be tailored to specific customer requirements, such as the ability to reconcile returned product against lease schedules, ensuring that finance companies can close off their leases in a timely manner. In addition, all the information entered into
Multi Manager
during the course of a product refresh project can be reported back to a customer in the most appropriate format and time, including both product delivered and product removed. Full details of end-of-life product, such as specification and condition (upon which market pricing is based), is captured during the audit process and can be reported on.
using Multi Manager?
An optimised allocation of your IT assets for a better return on IT investment.
Accurate, detailed and immediate information on your equipment.
A better value and utilisation of your IT asset.
A proactive software license compliance offering you security.
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